Hitler never again!


The war in Ukraine continues.  Read our articles further down about the new Hitler that has to be stopped.

The New Hitler must be stopped

The people of Nazi Germany hardly did anything to stop Hitler at the time and other governments were guilty of making deals with this devil.  This time round, we must not let apathy and naivity govern our response.  Continue reading >

Who is HAMAS?

Men who hate women

Wherever you are and throughout history men have not always treated women the way they deserve to be treated.  However men are nothing without women and a code of decency in warfare has developed not to attack women and children who are not actively participating in the war effort or at least not make them a primary target.  Not so for Hamas.

At the Supernova festival, not far from the border to Gaza, a group of modern day hippies had gathered for a dance party.  As most people should know hippies are a group of people who tend to be the least interested in war of all people.  These festival goers probably did not feel threatened by the proximity to Gaza because they are as far as possible from the Orthodox right that have stood in the way of the peace process between Israel and Palenstine.  So why did Hamas attack them?

The explanation is that HAMAS hates women.  They did not consider or care about how their warfare would affect their own women and children.  It was blatantly obvious that they would not be able to defend their own citizens from a counter attack.  Every child knows that throwing stones from a glass house is not a good idea.

HAMAS men like to keep their women in a virtual prison subjecting them to marriages they can not get out of (the husband must give the OK for a divorce), a marriage they may have been forced into (15% before the age of 15), to a dress code enforced by morality police, and always kept from having any real power.

So for the HAMAS men, the women that danced and enjoyed themselves freely at the festival were a sharp contrast to how they keep their women back home.  Driven by hate, by the threat they feel from women behaving this way, they did not hesitate to kill them point blank and even paraded their bodies on pickup trucks back home. 

These HAMAS men are not men they are monsters.  They are so insecure about themselves, about their own worth that they think they need to physically restrict their women from being seen or in contact with other men.  Hiding them behind the hijab, restricting their movement, keeping them away from meaningful careers especially by way of domestic burdens such as a birth rate of nearly 4 children per women.  (Which makes no sense, neither in the current situation nor environmentally.)

In any peace agreement, the rights of women need to be ensured.  Let's not make the same mistake as with Afghanistan to allow a regime to take over that also hates women.  And let Iran bring it on, they are threatening Israel over Gaza while oppressing and even poisoning their own school girls back home.  The Iranian people desperately need to be liberated from their evil leaders.  Let's show Russia and the new Hitler that we can beat them/him on every front.

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For those that think that the Israeli-Palestine war justifies Putin's genocidal tactics towards Ukraine - quite the contrary 

The instigators of Hamas attack knew what was going to happen.  That this attack would put terror in Israelis which in turn would respond by making it a living hell for the Palestinians.  But the instigators don't care.  They are trying to stir up trouble all around the world. The instigators' Axis of Evil revolves around Russia and Iran, but inadvertently extends to China, India, Brazil, Turkey and Saudi Arabia who by continuing to do business with the evil regimes empowers them to support terror around the world as if there was nothing wrong with it.

Russia is trying to stir up trouble by helping North Korea built missiles that could reach America and in central Africa, in north east Africa and in connection with Iran holding meetings with the Palestinian terror organizations.

More than a century ago, Russia approved the Palestinian Mandate, the inadequacy of which still face us today.

Palestinian terror has made life more difficult for the Palestinian themselves through decades of insurrection, essentially barricading themselves inside their territories.  Under these circumstances, the prospect of peace has become more distant.  

The wannabe dictator called Bibi has failed to make any efforts in the direction of peace but at the same time given too much trust to Hamas.

So what we are saying is that many bear the responsibility on how the situation has developed, including the people of Palestine who have chosen to be ruled by terror leaning organizations and the people of Israel who do not reject coalition governments with extremists on board. But the most guilty are the evil regimes of Russia and Iran who finance and enable terror around the world.

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What kind of a world do you want to live in?

Forget the propaganda and ask yourself the above question before you take a stance.

Do you want to live in a world run by dictators that like to control your every move and even your thoughts?

Should it be up to a religious and/or political leader if you are allowed to dance, to show your hair, what kind of music you are allowed to listen to, what type of clothes you wear, and if you are allowed to speak freely about what you think of them without fear of reprisal.  Should they be allowed to squander people's hard-earned money or their country's or other countries' natural resources on their pet projects, their luxurious lifestyles and make decisions that are bad for the economy and the environment.  

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Putin kills Wagner, Wagner will kill Putin!

Putin often engages in doublespeak.  Officially he says one thing for the simple audience, while at the same time insinuating the opposite for the better informed audience (as in the case of the poisoning of Mr Skripal). In the case of Prigozhins death this seems also to be the case.  Publicly the Russians strongly deny the killing while Putin at the same time justifies it by referring to Prigozhins "serious mistakes".  Following the attempted mutiny attempt, we expressed our hope that Putin and Prigozhin would kill each other.  It certainly looks like Putin just signed his own execution order.  Continue reading >

India and China feed the war

A long time ago we commented on the publicity stunt regarding Indias donation of 8 tons of humanitarian aid for Ukraine while at the same time fueling the war by continuing and dramitically increasing their purchases of Russian oil.  The latest casuilty in this war are the poorest people around the world which will not get the equivalent of the 60 000 tons of grain that Russia destroyed on purpose  by bombardment, just this week in Odessa, Ukraine.  Evil has no limits and India and China whose counsulate in Odessa was also hit bear responsibility.  Written 20 July 2023.

China and India showed not support evil.

Whatever grain that is destroyed reduces the world stock of grain.  It will be the very poor that suffer most because those that have a little bit more will be able to bid higher to get their share, leaving the poorest with nothing.

The two lunatics made a deal.  Putin and Prigozhin!

This is excatly the kind of deal that Putin is known NOT to honor and in this case, he has a greater incentive not to honor it.

Some years ago, Putin and the West did a high level prisoner swap. A double agent was released and was living in the UK. Putin sent some heavily built thugs to assassinate him with forbidden chemical weapons.  Russia later put on an incredible show where these thugs said they went to England to look at a famous cathedal.

Prigozhin must be aware that Putin will sooner or later go after him.  The fact that the Russian military had attacked his group prompted him to launch the coup attempt.  Prigozhin is well connected and will probably be warned.  What will his reaction be that time.  UPDATE:  Looks like Prigozhin does not need inside information as it has already leaked out that Putin is interested in having him killed.  He has already moved to wrestle control of Prigozhins investments in Syria and Africa.  Yet another reason for Prigozhin to react.    

Putin has apparently been killing oligarchists around the world (mostly by throwing them out of high rise buildings, a rediculuous method which is equivalent to leaving a signature behind) that pose a remote threat.  With Prigozhin, the threat is much more obvious.

So the question is, will Prigozhin just wait like a sitting duck (playing chicken, see our article about the oligarchs which we call oli-chickens below) or take Putin out before Putin has the chance to take him out.  There are of course other ways for them to kill each other than a military confrontation.

The best solution for the world is if they would take each other out at the same time.

More coverage about the coup attempt we pushed to the end of this page.

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In the meantime the world should scale up its assistance to Ukraine.

We warned Putin!

We predicted that Putin's greatest danger would come from the Wagner Group.  See our site www-russia.org  Continue reading >

We wrote: Putin is too stupid to realize that his biggest threat is from Dmitry Valerievich Utkin, the head of a bunch of criminal (in every sense of the word) personal army, the Wagner group.  (This same Diminished Valerievich - he now goes under the name Yevgeny Prigozhin - sent a bloody sledgehammer used to execute a deserter to the European Parliament.)

Do not travel to Russia (or Belarus)

If you are there, try to get out.   

The war is going to spread to Russia itself in one form or another.  

We wrote this a long time ago but how true today.

   Continue reading >

The peacemaker that prevents peace

Xi has the power to accelerate peace for Ukraine but chooses not to do so

He has the power because without trade with China (and India), Putin could not continue this war  Continue reading >

Xi and Putin are like Hitler and Mussolini forming a doomed club of aggression.  Agression against the rest of the world, against Tawain, against Ukraine, against Belarus, against Hong Kong, against Moldova, against Vietnam, against Europe, against Asia, against the US, India and Australia.

We need to stop these men from ruining their own countries, their immediate victim countries and the rest of the world.

Waiting for Putler to built the Great Modern Army

History will judge us for foolishly waiting; for allowing the needless suffering and genocide to go on in Ukraine.  This applies to the Politicians around the world who did nothing or too little. It also applies to ordinary people who just kept going about their normal life and pretended it was not their concern.  But we will pay a heavy price.  Beating Putler now would cost a fraction of what it will cost to restrain him later.

All the signs are there.  No amount of wishful thinking will better the situation.   It is irresponsible to bury one's head in the sand.  Russian politicians are already saying that Berlin and London are legitimate targets and Putin has said he wants to modernize and build a multi million people army.  Russia needs to be pushed out of Ukraine now, using vastly more resources than Ukraine is currently getting.  Otherwise Putler will be emboldened and the whole world will be placed in danger. 

   Continue reading >

We offer our condolences to the people of Turkey and Syria who just lost more than 50 000 people in an earthquake.  At the same time we remind people that more than 200 000 people have died in Ukraine (from both sides, the Ukrainian soldiers and Russian soldiers that are forced to participate in this war).  It is not a natural calamity, but it is not what the people want, except one man.  This one man, Putler is guilty of all this and the people that keep doing business with him like Erdogan are accomplices in crime.  

We should also be aware that Erdogan is partly responsible for how susceptible Turkey was to the well known effects of the inevitable strong earthquake.  Erdogan has been busy of power playing and lining his own pockets, while at the same time ignoring the interest of the Turkish people.   He has acted irrationally, ignored economic principles and impoverished Turkey.  An impoverished country cannot realistically aim to build high rises in earthquake regions.  However if they are dead set on doing so, they need to set the right standards so that buildings are earthquake proof, with inspectors and all.   But inspectors can be bribed and when there is no government to lead the way in doing things honestly, how is it possible to expect honesty lower down the chain or from businesses?     

UPDATE!  It is now clear (13 Feb 2023) that Erdogan actually did the opposite to what he should have done.  Videos have now re-surfaced where he boasts of having facilitated a convenient way for builders to ignore building codes in exchange for small fines and probably not so small bribes (based on our understanding on how Erdogan works).  It is now feared that like his tyrannical friends, he may try to avoid losing the upcoming elections by any means, initially by postponing the elections. 

Erdogan, the double-faced scoundrel

An Open.Letters.International exclusive!

While Italy seizes Putin's superyacht, Erdogan apparently allows him to build a new one in Turkey.  Very secretly in new facilities kept secure by thugs.

Turkey should control the Black Sea and not Russia.  Turkey is helping prop up the regime that actually poses the greatest threat to its own security.  On the 24th of January, two Turkish ships were hit by a Russian attack in the port of Kherson.  Erdogan is beginning to look as the submissive, politically incorrect Modi (the Indian prime minister), who ceded vast areas of land to China in the Himalayas.   Holding off Sweden's and Finland's bids to join NATO, Turkey is looking more and more like a puppet regime for Russia; like Belarus, which is now at the mercy of Russia.  Erdogan cannot possibly win this year's elections, so like Belarus, he is likely to engage in a massive election fraud.

  Continue reading >

On the one hand, Erdogan's Turkey supports Ukraine which we are grateful for, but on the other hand, he is helping Russia (and other evil states like Iran) by not only continuing to do business with them, but expanding business and looking for new ventures with Russia and other outcast regimes.  Countries such as Germany are also to blame for bypassing sanctions by way of Turkey.

It is time for Turkey's men and women to stand up to the man that most of them really hate.  This time round, it is not some people who want to overthrow Erdogan that should be prosecuted but anyone that will prevent the upcoming elections from being fair and free.  People should also be aware of Erdogan trying to bribe them with short term gains and mere mirages of a future that will never happen under Erdogan.  Without Erdogan and his crazy policies, Turkey is well placed to prosper.  

An example of a mirage Erdogan is creating is the electric SUV vehicle he is having built at taxpayers' expense.  It is not the type of car that would be the most useful for Turkey and it would make much more sense if it was a commercial venture that had some hope of coming out positive. Or, are the poverty striven Turks perfectly happy to subsidize the production of a vehicle that could only benefit, if it benefits anyone at all, those that have more money?  Even those that have more money would be hard pressed to buy an electric vehicle without the proper charging stations network, or is Erdogan also going to built that with tax payers money?

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Puti-puti-puti our endearing name for the chicken terminator  (Photo by the author of this article)

The serial killer Putler and the oli-chickens

Putin behaves like a serial killer in a bad horror movie, apparently killing people right, left and center and leaving his signature behind, the telltale methods of execution which range from throwing people out of windows, using chemical agents, to freezing the sick and vulnerable to death (yes, make no mistake about that this is what is happening), by taking out Ukraine's electric infrastructure using very expensive missiles.  Meanwhile, the oligarchy does nothing to stop him and allows him to kill them off one by one, wherever they are in the world.    Continue reading >

These good for nothing oligarchists were happy to install their ultra corrupt puppet Putin so they could plunder Russia's resources and ex-state enterprises as well as exercise their oligopoly power.  But their plans went horribly wrong when the puppet grew greedy and senile as the years passed by.   Now these same oligarchist just run around like chicken waiting for their heads to be chopped off.  What a sorry bunch! Not only do they let Putin get away with mass murder, with genocide of the Ukraine people, but also they allow him to send the Russian forces to their deaths, to deplete Russia of missiles, rob Russia of a decent future and patiently wait until it is their turn to be slaughtered.

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Germany's defense minister resigned on January 16th, 2023.  More about the treasonable conduct of the German government on Germanys.Hypocrisy.Exposed website

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A building hit by Putler, decorated by Banksy

Why the war in Ukraine continues even though it is obvious Russia will loose.  It is time to end the suffering!

Russia is loosing on the battlefront but it thinks it can survive internationally.  The countries that contribute to Russia's illusion are responsible for the prolongation of this cruel war.  This includes China, India, Turkey, Saudi Arabia, Hungary, Israel, Brazil, Egypt, South America and Germany.   Continue reading >

To keep this war going is a crime against humanity.

Countries are tired of being bullied around.  The United States has certainly done their share of bullying.  But trading in one bully for some worse bullies is counterproductive.   To embrace some world order that is lead by the worst bullies of them all, like Russia and China, is simply crazy.  I am talking about countries that are taking part in the Shanghai Cooperation Organisation SCO and BRICS.   

To engage with Russia directly or through these organizations is a crime against humanity.  It gives Putin the illusion that Russia can engage in genocide and expansionism and still be accepted in parts of the world, which in turn encourages Putin to continue and has real dire consequences for the people of Ukraine.  By continuing to engage with Russia, the countries in question are responsible for the prolongation of the war. 

Other countries are also responsible.  Israel for not standing up to a Hitler-like personality.  Germany and other countries for increasing trade with Russia and giving too little military support (after almost a year, Germany finally announced they would give 50 tanks, but how long will this take - another year?), Saudi Arabia for admiring the ruthlessness of Putler and working with him through OPEC+.    Turkey by not limiting enough Russian shipping, engaging in various cooperation initiatives and by being slow to approve Sweden's and Finland's accession to NATO.

Let's end this war by stepping up the pressure on Russia, by ceasing to engage with Russia and by redefining what Ukraine can do to defend itself.   Secure Ukraine's airspace and take out targets (especially missile launching sites and ships) in the Black Sea, Belarus and Russia itself and take out that Crimea bridge once and for all. 

The prisoner exchange between the new Hitler's Russia and the US was a horrible mistake

How many lives is Brittney Griner worth?  Whether it will turn out to be one thousand or hundred thousand, the price is too high.  Continue reading >

Make no qualms about it: the Putin administration did not want the Russian arms trader Viktor Bout because they care for him as a person (as CNN suggested), but because they need his expertise.  It is already clear that Russia is scouring the world to get more weapons from around the world.  Russia has even attempted to buy western weapon factories.  They obviously need the help of an experienced arms smuggler who is able to bypass international sanctions and establish secret routes for weapons, and the money or other goods used to pay for the weapons.  These weapons will then be used in the war with Ukraine, which targets the innocent people and their possessions, including cultural sites, schools and hospitals.  We doubt that the fans of Brittney Griner would want so many people to suffer.  Brittney's heavy sentence amounts to kidnapping.  If we make a deal with the kidnappers it will only lead to more kidnappings.  By such unjust handling of foreigners in Russia, Russia is hurting itself, no one from the West in their right mind will visit Russia, which means that their tourism industry is dead.  We should respond by severely restricting Russian tourists from visiting the West, as Finland has already done while keeping the path open for Russians that oppose the war and are fleeing from the regime.  Once again it is Germany that is standing in the way of righteousness by opposing Europe-wide restrictions on Russian tourists. 

Viktor Bout, the arms dealer, is responsible for deaths of a lot of people around the world, including Americans.  Americans risked their lifes to apprehend him and the US releases him because it looks good to get Brittney Griner back.   This will only lead to more kidnapping by Russia and will increase their supply of weapons which will be used to kill men, women and children.

Has the bulk of the western media and the Biden administration totally lost it.  Are they not able to see Putin for what he is, a reckless man that does not care for others.  He does not care for the people of Ukraine; he does not care for the 100 000 of his own soldiers he has sent to death at the front lines; he does not care for the Russian people; he does not care for his ex friends he allegedly has thrown out of windows of high rise buildings; and he certainly does not care about Viktor Bout except to use him to get more weapons to kill innocent people.   Putin only cares about himself.

It is also a pity that countries that Saudi Arabia and Turkey, countries who do not do enough to support Ukraine, get a photo opportunity for the small part they play in facilitating this prisoner exchange - as if they were doing something useful, when they are not.

The USA are doing more than other countries to help Ukraine, but could be doing much more;  in advance weapon support, by enforcing a worldwide oil boycott and/or lowering the ceiling price that is now being applied to Russian oil.


Abandoned cargo plane by the weapon smuggler

Elon Musk The Almighty

The 500 Billion Loser (the combined loss he made for himself and his investors)

 Continue reading >

(UPDATE some well known news organizations have picked up this issue with a similar story)

It is incredible how much entertainment Elon Musk is providing for the world.  What he does and says is hilarious but the problem is that at the same time it is sad and it is damaging to the world and the people who believed in him, including himself.

How can a seemingly normal but eccentric man go so fast downhill?  We suspect it is his lack of sleep.  He has admitted that he only sleeps about 6 hours per night.   This may not be enough.   The body needs sleep to fix DNA errors and the brain needs to do some repair and generate new neural connections in one's sleep.

Although this page is not about Elon Musk but the bigger threats to the world posed by Putin and Xi, we include our criticism of Musk here because he is part of our concern with people that have too much power and because he kind of supports these evil men.  It is not good when too much power lands in the hands of certain individuals who through a combination of greed and/or misjudgment threaten the wellbeing of the world.  It is clear that Putin, Xi and Musk have too much control over the world's resources and that they misuse this power to the extreme.  

One of Musk's latest blunders is his threat to Twitter employees that if they share any information from inside the company, they will get an immediate legal response.   A mighty threat to a normal employee who does not have the legal resources that Musk has access too.   Around the same time, Musk has leaked information about previous conversations / communications by Twitter employees that they did not expect to be made public, information about the case of Hunter Biden's Laptop.  Highly inappropriate behavior from a boss of a company.  A boss of a company should not go after his own companies' present or past employees.  It is simply not done.  But he does it as if it was a game.

Like a child, he now reverts to the same rhetoric against anyone who dares not to agree with him.  He is absurdly connecting people and committees with pedophilia that are not pedophiles.   He also did this some years ago when a heroic diver who saved some Thailand teenagers trapped in a underwater cave system said that Elon Musk's mini-submarine would be of no use.  A court made a judgement against Musk in that case.  But Elon does not seem to have any moral obligation not to go down that same path again.  He has only adapted his tactics so he would not lose in a court of law, but sadly, he is able to cast doubt on innocent people's characters.   What he does not realize is that he is making himself look ridiculous and nasty!

Musk pretends to be a champion of free speech but at the same time he is shutting up his own employees.  By the way there are many that think he himself should shut up, including the employees of SpaceX, investors in Tesla, the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), the Ukrainian and Taiwanese governments.   SpaceX employees thought that Musk's statements were an embarrassment.  It embarrassed them to work for that company.  The response from the champion of free speech was to fire them.   He disagreed with SEC who wanted to restrict his over-hyping of Tesla.  His response was to take the case to the supreme court, where he lost.  He has hyped Tesla to the point that people have made what seems to be very bad investment judgements.  Indeed in this year to date, Tesla has lost 733 billion off it's total valuation.

Whatever the loss that the 44-billion acquisition of Twitter will entail, it will just be a fraction of what is being lost in the capitalization of Elon Musk's other companies.  This is real money being lost by real people.  The 13 billion that some mislead bankers lent into the purchase of Twitter are probably lost.  Bankers need to be careful not to let good money follow bad money.  They should not lend Tesla to acquire Mercedes, for example.  Anybody who can stop such deals, including regulators, should exercise that power.  Because recent blunder after blunder by Musk is not compensated by his earlier successes.  

The overvaluation of Tesla was not a success story, but hype that borders on the criminal.  It made no sense that one automaker should be valued more than all the others put together.   Unlike SpaceX, making an electric auto is no rocket science. Indeed, much of Europe's fundamental technology in this field comes from just one man.  VW, BMW, Mercedes are all now making outstanding electric vehicles.   Tesla's early success came because it had a higher-end car that they were able to duplicate in a mass produced version, before other automakers were ready.   Tesla had its original wow effect; its time of fame.  Now this wow effect is diminishing.  One factor that makes Tesla less interesting is that the so called "full self driving" is not included anymore and needs to be purchased separately for something like 10000 dollars.  People are no longer standing in awe.   It is not just Elon Musk's fault, but he should have seen it coming.  Politicians have been hyping up electric vehicles without properly factoring in the true environmental costs.  Tesla keeps its environmental issues a secret (again something from the so-called free speech champion) and as far as we can gather does not have the NASDAQ green designation.  (Electric vehicles with a shorter range may be able to demonstrate a positive CO2 balance earlier than long range electric vehicles like Tesla, but they are probably not any better because a short range that keeps getting shorter will result in these cars being disposed of earlier.)  For some time, Elon did some more environmental damage with his past support for cryptocurrencies which has not faded enough.

In retrospect, many of the things that Musk has said can be compared to what Sam Bankman-Fried was saying before the collapse of FTX.  It was like 'I am so good, I only have an old car and I want to give away all my wealth', while at the same time, he was living luxuriously in the Bahamas and was donating money to politicians who would support the Ponzi scam that crypto is and allegedly taking advantage of his own customers by making so-called financial bets against them.   Likewise, Elon was voicing his opinion against the dangers of artificial intelligence, while at the same time he has apparently been pressuring his employees at Neuralink to work under so much pressure that they should imagine having a gun pointing to their heads.  Just to mention one of his countless contradictions.

There are two big signs that show things are turning seriously sour for Elon.  Tesla's shares keep dropping and he is now being booed at when making public appearances.

We suppose the investors are so worried that they have asked him to step down as CEO.  He responded with one of his surveys which actually do not reflect anything but his own followers' wishes.  Even his own followers want him to resign, but we suspect that most people who are not his followers want this also.  But it is not enough to step down as CEO. He has to sell of his shares for a fraction of what he paid for it, unless he is content with loosing his entire 31 billion.

UPDATE:  In early 2023, shares in Tesla have gone somewhat back up.  We think there is overenthusiasm and that other automakers are posed to provide stiff competition when it comes to design innovation and design of new electric vehicles.  Investment money for Tesla's expansion should be harder to come by if bankers take note of the reckless way their investment in Twitter has played out.  We are seeing desperate attempts to push up Tesla's stock, for example George Soros was mentioned as having invested, but it was just a few millions which for him is peanuts and does not indicate at all his approval.  We are also seeing Elon Musk congratulate himself for saving Twitter, whereas we think if he had shown some tact, he could have done much better.

There is so much polarization going on these days especially in America.   We are not writing this because we are left wing, which we are not.  We are writing this because this man and these men are hurting a lot of people and one should not just sit idly by while injustice is taking place.

Tell us what you think Elon.  We do not use Twitter ourselves.  Email us at ProUkraine@charitable.institute

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We give credit where credit is due:  See Xi.deserves.credit for finally abandoning China's Zero-COVID policy

Russian military commander Alexander Khodakovsky suggested that the war in Ukraine can not be won by Russia without nuclear weapons

He is wrong because with nuclear weapons Russia would also lose and indeed the Russian scoundrels would loose everything fast.  All the scoundrels would be hunted down wherever they are, starting with Putin himself.  Is he already in Venezuela?  Continue reading >

In recent days (this is written mid December), Putin has been cancelling meetings and celebrations left, right and center.  Perhaps he has already left Russia to retire in Venezuela or he has already been killed or hospitalized.  Maybe his doubles are not deemed good enough to replace him for the events he has cancelled.

Alexander Khodakovsky himself would also be hunted down.

There is no way that the world will let these people live if they commit a nuclear catastrophe.  Preemptive measures should not involve nuclear weapons but to hunt down these people before they destroy the world.  Maybe Putin knows this and is therefore in hiding or he is hiding from his own people to whom he has brought so much misfortune.

If Belarus joins the war, then let's take the opportunity to free Belarus from oppression

At the very least do not let them wage war from a glass house.  Attack all their military infrastructure before they know what is happening.  Continue reading >

Ukraine can not be expected to defend itself from the armies of two countries with both of these countries enjoying some kind of safe haven status on their own ground.

Elon Musk is NOT for free speech

You can not or rather should not pretend to uphold the label of free speech when you are the antipodes of free speech

 Continue reading >

Elon, you are guilty of siding with the most repressive regimes in the world:  Russia and China.

You are making a platform that used to be regarded as mostly impartial into a platform that is favored by people who share your opinions and the propaganda of people who knowingly or unwittingly peddle lies.

You are right in that there was too much censorship.  Powerful industries were able to oppose the free flow of information and opinions.  

But you are completely lacking in tact and anybody who follows what you are doing can immediately see that you are not for free speech.

Your talk of free speech is analogous to Putin allegedly banning misinformation about the Russian invasion of Ukraine.  He was not banning misinformation but true information.  You are not elevating the platform to a platform of free speech, but to a platform of misinformation, or rather a platform where it is harder to tell the difference.

Free speech is not just about being allowed to send a message using a particular platform but ultimately about being heard.   Your proposal to let more people on the platform (and at the same time diluting its integrity) and having them pay for the privilege of being verified and yet face the possibility of being shadow-banned based on your haphazard definitions, is not free speech.

The price of being verified is about US$100 per year.  That is a lot of money for just one service on the Internet.  For comparison that is more than double the amount that people in the US spend on a TV set amortized over a 10 year period.  In the rest of the world it is many times more than what people pay for a TV set.  In India it is more like 8 times what people would spend on a TV set.  For ordinary people, such spending is not frivolous.  People will find it hard to justify paying this amount to one of the world's richest men.  Some people had elevated you to some kind of a God, but when they come to regard you as a little Devil in disguise, your empire may collapse.

Traditional media has become too polarized.  Fox, Murdoch and Co and some right wing freaks on one side and the rest of the media on the other side.  Neither acknowledging the merit of alternative views.   You are not doing the right any favor by tilting the user base to the right.  The right needs to influence left wing users to gain a majority.  When you with your silly comments and conspiracy theories such as those involving Hunter Biden's laptop, alienate those of the Twitter users that lean to the left, causing them to abandon the platform, then you are in fact making Twitter a useless tool for the right.  For the right can not use Twitter to influence centerish or left-leaning users once the latter have left the platform.   So you are destroying Twitter and leaving behind something about as useful as Parler or Truth Social.

Similarly, by allowing Twitter to become undermanned, you are undermining free speech.  The tweets of Chinese people who would like to raise the world awareness to the brutality of ZERO-COVID and anti-free speech measures by the Chinese government are not getting through because the Chinese government is able to employ unregulated bots to drown out those messages.  Because Twitter no longer has the technical ability and manpower to detect and neutralize those bots.  

How can you pretend to be all for free speech after taking on the role of being the spokesperson for the most authoritarian and anti free speech regimes of the world?  Last summer you proposed, that the effectively free country of Taiwan, should become a special administrative zone for China.  Did you not see what they did to free speech in Hong Kong?  Or are you just thinking of your business interests?      

Just before you made this ridiculous anti-free speech proposal for Taiwan, you suggested that Ukraine should allow the king of anti-free speech, Putler, to be given time to regroup and rebuild his military for a future invasion, while Ukraine got rid of its weapons.  Well you did not say exactly that but that is what your proposal would entail. 

Putin takes free speech so seriously that he is suspected of having people fly out of high rise buildings and he is known to use chemical-weapon grade material to try to poison the people whose speech he does not like. 

China's Xi is at the very moment this is written devising a strategy to stamp out a peaceful campaign by the Chinese people protesting against extreme COVID-19 measures and the lack of free speech simply by holding up blank pieces of white pater.   When peacefully holding a blank sheet of white paper is considered too much free speech by the regime of China; you the dear reader can understand why we strongly oppose someone like Elon Musk calling himself an advocate of free speech, when at around the same time he proposes that this same regime should take over Taiwan.  Someone who has recently proposed that the very same regime should extend their control over more people.  Subjecting the free people of Taiwan to Chinese tyranny. 


Why should people trust you to be for free-speech for real, when you make proposals favored by the most anti-free speech regimes in the world? 

Why should people expect you to keep misinformation under control, when you yourself often spread misinformation and when you have fired most of the people who were supposed to help with content moderation?  To get rockets into space you needed rocket scientists, but to communicate with the media, you don't need anybody; is that how you think?  It is understandable that you need to save on monthly spending, but wouldn't a more thought-out plan have been wiser?   To build goodwill with users, employees and advertisers?   Taking one step forward and 10 steps back does not bring you forward.

Apple may be about to ban Twitter from the Apple Store and a Google Play Store ban may follow.   Elon, you have threatened to make your own phone if this happens.  LG (Life is Good), the South Korean manufacturer made great phones at a loss of US$ 4 Billion before they gave up.  Maybe you will succeed.  Maybe it will be as good for tweets as Kindle is for reading books. 

Tell us what you think Elon.  We do not use Twitter ourselves.  Email us at ProUkraine@iceland.edu

Elon Musk or anyone who can spare some change, please support our communication campaign by clicking on this link or by making a larger donation via bank transfer:

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Thank you 

Senseless mining causes real suffering and should be considered a crime

This applies to both the crypto mining scam and gold and precious metal mining

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In a separate section on this website, we talk about the economic and environmental nonsense that cryptocurrencies are.  We also talk about gold mining not being much better.  

Here we are going to talk about how this mining contributes to people being subject to cold even freezing conditions in their homes.

Cryptomining uses up a lot of energy without giving anything back except profits to short term players.  Those that hold on to cryptocurrency are likely to loose everything.  See article.  Worldwide crypto mining is said to use as much energy as the whole country of Portugal.

Wasting energy is bad for the environment.  Even if that energy is green energy, as it displaces the substitution for some other industry into green energy and thus sustains and increases carbon-based fuel consumption with the associated CO2 emissions and global warming.

The war in Ukraine has put an upward pressure on energy prices, making it hard for some people to cover their bills.  Crypto mining by increasing the demand for energy leads to higher energy prices which cause real human suffering.

People in various countries are feeling the brunt of the energy crisis that is made worse by mining.  Poor people suffer disproportionally.  Some people are literally freezing and others are being forced to keep their houses colder than is comfortable and at temperatures that makes them more prone to disease and disease-induced death.   People who have been deprived by extreme COVID measures are now facing further restrictions.  Some sport facilities, especially swimming pools are closing early or are being kept closed.  The high energy prices help fuel (in this case meaning finance) Putin's invasion of Ukraine.     

So for these three reasons everything crypto should be stopped:

Just like crypto mining, mining to fulfill some currency standard or reserves is a waste of effort and energy and is thus almost as undesirable as crypto mining

Gold or some other metals that are kept in vaults or warehouses do not serve any useful purpose.

It can be argued that they are a store of value, which to some extent is true but if a large chunk of this store of value were to be brought to the market at once, it would prove to be not such a good store of value.

Crypto has been subject to break-ins, theft and misrepresentation.   This also happens in the metal world.   Putin and his associates are said to be stealing gold and diamonds from Mali.  Some banks paid out loans based on some copper reserves that where supposedly being kept in bonded-warehouses in China only to discover that all the copper was not there.  

For Putin as a criminal, gold will prove to be useful when he eventually flees to Venezuela as per reports about his preparations to resettle as he looses the war in Ukraine.  But we should not be mining gold for the convenience of criminals.

The group of countries that have been referred to as BRICS is being expanded mostly by bad actor countries like China, Iran and Egypt.  This group and also the group of countries that are members of The Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO) are talking about creating currencies that are backed by metals to some degree.  This is a crazy idea that was abandoned a long time ago, when the gold standard was abandoned for the US dollar.  It is as clever as Mr. Xi's zero-COVID policy.

There are players in the metal market that can play the market much better than you and me and better than even governments.  

So for these similar reasons useless metal mining should be stopped:

The Rightly Paranoids and the Pathological Liars

With the assassination of the Belarussian foreign minister, the ante has been stepped up

Whoever is responsible, Putin himself (which is thought to be most likely), the Wagner group leader Yevgeny Prigozhin, Aleksandr Lukashenko the president of Belarus, Sergey Lavrov the Russian foreign minister, or the Belarus regime opposition, the fact is that they may all end up killing each other.  

On another note, always Crying Wolf could get Russia into deep trouble and ultimately start World War III.  It nearly happened mid November.

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Aleksandr Lukashenko appears to be the most worried that he too will be assassinated.  In spite of saying that there is no reason to believe that the Belarus foreign minister's (Vladimir Makei) death was caused by foulplay, Lukashenko has replaced all his personal staff.  But whom can he trust.  Maybe the new staff pose a greater danger.

Yevgeny Prigozhin (the ugly face of state-sponsored terrorism) had a Wagner Group deserter killed on video with a sledge hammer.  He then sent that sledge hammer in a violin case to the European Parliament which just designated Russia as a terrorist state.  What an appropriate confirmation and how stupid.  Putin, Sergey and Aleksandr should fear this guy and take away his power before he takes them out with his private army. 

Sergey Lavrov (the foreign spokesperson of terrorist state Russia) was due to meet with the Belarus foreign minister the week after; he promptly canceled his trip.   Maybe it is his state that was responsible for Makei's death.  He should fear a reprisal and like all Putin's friends, he should fear that Putin may eventually turn against him or have him killed just in case.

Putin is rightly paranoid, for he is at risk of being killed wherever he goes.   Someone that threatens to use nuclear weapons should at least be put into custody or put in an asylum.  He is so far responsible for the death of 100s of thousands of soldiers and for disturbing, if not ruining the lives of countless others.  This naturally creates a lot of enemies for him and for sure he is not welcome anywhere.  His ex-friends and enemies may also not be too pleased about his apparent assassination campaigns and maybe, just maybe someone will instead of stepping in line actually give Putin a taste of his own medicine.   It was therefore a wise decision to avoid the G20 summit.  Look at what lousy companionship he had instead. While the G20 was taking place, he was talking to the one of the most hated (from his own people) presidents in the world, Iranian President Raisi who goes about ordering the killings of school girls!

Putin sent the pathological liar, Russia's foreign minister Sergey Lavrov, to the G20 meeting in his place, who is so despised that the group preferred no group photo rather than to be pictured with him.  No one in their right mind believes that guy.  Indeed Lavrov inadvertently provided further proof that he is a pathological liar by denying that he was taken to the hospital right from the hospital itself which can be proven by the photographs taken.  It is not just Lavrov himself that is a liar but the whole Russian regime.

When the regime does something wrong, such as poisoning, with a chemical weapon agent, an ex-spy released in a prisoner exchange, they lie. In that case they said the sturdy build contract killers were there merely to look at a famous church in the middle of England.  Or when they downed a commercial airline, the Malaysian Airlines flight MH17, which has been proved by the Netherlanders to have been shot down by Russian forces.  Or when they deny all the war crimes they are committing in Ukraine.

This is analogous to crying wolf when there is none.  In case a wolf would appear no one would believe them.

It is a dangerous game to play, because they are likely to be blamed even if it was not them.  

The latest example nearly brought NATO directly into the war, as missiles hit Poland.  Those missiles may have originated from Russia or may have been missiles that Ukraine shot up to hit incoming missiles from Russia.  Russia frequently flies its missiles along the borders.  Russia has been given a 2nd chance.  But one day its luck will run out, just as in the story of Crying Wolf.

Who is the puppet of whom?

Elon Musk in deep shit

When it is about attracting some overzealous investors his personality may be an asset.  But when it comes to retaining a broad spectrum of Twitter users, his unwitting statements may be an enormous liability.  Example of such statements were his recent statements that got the approval of the most ruthless regimes in the world, when it comes to freedoms of expression, those of Putler and Xi.

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Elon Musk is having trouble with Twitter, as both advertisers and users are leaving the platform after his purchase of Twitter was completed.

UPDATE:  Elon's Musk misjudgment has no limits.   Irrespective of whether it is good advice or not, it is insane to piss off a huge portion of Twitters users, with the recommendation, in the runup to the US midterm elections, that the voters should vote Republican.   

His invitation to former president Trump may make some sense from a freedom of speech viewpoint, but it does not appear to make any business sense.  It is clear that Trump undermined the 2020 presidential elections democratic processes.  It is therefore understandable that for businesses that want to demonstrate some corporate responsibility, the decision to invite Trump back is counterintuitive to the goal of luring them back.

Similarly for Twitter users who were already thinking of leaving the platform and who are strongly pro democratic or pro Democrat, this decision may tip the balance towards leaving the platform. 

It was wrong for Ye (Kanye West) to group all Jews as being as bad as the people who have double crossed him and his choice of words.  But if anybody has the right to wear T-shirts  with the words "White Lives Matter" it is a successful black businessman.  It is the interpretation of those words as countering "Black Lives Matter" that is offensive and not just the words themselves and I am sure Ye thinks that both white and black lives matter and anybody who puts a thought into it would agree upon that interpretation.  Ye was severely punished for his misjudgments, so in contrast to Mr. Trump (who continues to threaten the US democratic processes) allowing Ye back was the right decision.

There is no reason to rejoice in Elon Musk's proposal of effectively shadowbanning people (he calls it restricting people's freedom of REACH).  Will he restrict the reach of people whose opinions he does not agree with, for example the Democrats?  Because a shadow ban is not so obvious and because unfair discriminatory practices maybe hidden deep inside program algorithms, it may actually make Twitter less open to different opinions.  Elon Musk may feel like he is helping humanity but if that means boosting his own often radical opinions and de-boosting the opinions he does not agree with, then that is not helping the world.   

The excessive power that people with extraordinary resources  (through their own money or through the control of money which ultimately is not theirs) is deeply problematic for the world.  These include:

It is unreasonable to expect that everyone will share his vision and when not, they may very well vote with their feet.

Mr. Musk.  It is nice to say that you want to enable a platform that cherishes free speech.  But related to free speech is the freedom of choice and a lot of people may not like what you are doing and/or be associated with what you do.

To Elon Musk and anyone that thinks now is the time to compromise

Your big Ego is making you look small! 

Do not allow Putin to regroup.  That mistake must not be made again.

The West made a compromise and allowed Putin to hold Crimea without much consequence.  They made a peace deal.  But this only led Putin to make an even more aggressive move 8 years later.  Putin himself has said (at a school event) that it is normal to have to withdraw only to regroup and come back stronger another time.  If Putin is allowed to keep some kind of land corridor to Crimea, then he has won and next time he will only be emboldened to go further.  He has initial ambitions for Moldova and various ex Soviet states, the Baltic States, Poland, probably Turkey and beyond.  He has publicly said he wants to built an empire.  We should not be in denial and make some agreements again, based only on our wishful thinking.

Unlike last time, Putin is likely to really modernize the military before starting World War III.   He would not even care if that meant that most of his citizens would reduce their living standard to that of the citizens of Mali; the mean income in Russia is already lower than in India. 

Recently Elon Musk tweeted a compromised solution to end the war in Ukraine.

Elon Musk is in a position to have access to great minds and no doubt has he consulted with some of them.  He has also talked to Putin, but he denies talking to Putin about his peace plan.  That does not make him more of an expert than us, the ordinary people. (I suspect Putin has threatened him too).    Some experts were of the opinion that Russia would take over Ukraine in a matter of days.  These experts were proved wrong.  The overwhelming logic now for anyone who pauses to think is that there is no going back to trusting the New Hitler.

When Elon Musk's mini submarine could not be used to save some teenagers stranded in a cave in Thailand, his ego was hurt and he called the guy who pointed this out a pedophile (something he had to retract by order of a court).   We hope this time he will respond differently and adapt his rhetorics to be more helpful to Ukraine as some of his actions have been, namely his supply of Starlink communication.  He is also, given his business venture in China, in a position to campaign for China to stop supporting Russia. 

UPDATE:  Elon Musk has again shown his weak character.   He has gone off in a puff (because an ex Ukraine diplomat told him to f**k off with his suggested peace plan for Ukraine) and again his big ego is hurt and he is threatening to stop his generous financing of Starlink and has even tweeted about the connection with the f**k off statement (although this may not be the only reason).  The use of Starlink has also been a good advertisement for Starlink and the provision of Starlink to the current uprising in Iran would be great.   What is bad is that Starlink has stopped working at the new frontiers because Musk wants to control how much land Ukraine is allowed to claim back, or because his ego is hurt.  This is also bad for Starlink because the underlying message is yes Starlink is great to bypass the censorship of tyrannical governments but be prepared to be censored by Elon Musk himself.   

Elon Musk has also gone soft on China. 

2nd UPDATE:  Elon Musk says he will continue his partial financing of Starlink communication (It is now apparent that many nations were already contributing).  Hopefully this is in ernest, but we are not so sure, maybe it is a ploy to avoid public outcry over discussions on Starlink's coverage in Ukraine as the Ukrainian forces recapture areas and Elon Musk had previously been limiting and thereby throwing a wrench into the process of freeing Ukraine.  The Pentagon (The US Ministry of Defense) would of course never agree to pay for limited service.  Elon Musk continues to be a pawn in the fear mongering of the New Hitler.  Putin should not be allowed to hold on to Crimea as this threatens the security of many more countries than Ukraine.  Those that start and engage in wars and war crimes should pay a price.  Putin's main priority is himself and he will not risk the fury he will have upon him if he uses nuclear weapons.

We would like to hear from you directly Elon Musk.  Email us at ProUkraine@iceland.edu

Elon Musk or anyone who can spare some change please support our communication campaign by clicking on this link or by making a larger donation via bank transfer:

 Beneficiary: Charitable Institute, Rif, Iceland


IBAN Account:

IS85 0133 3800 0649 6806 2112 80

Thank you 

Saudi Arabia held the world hostage!

OPEC+ should not take part in covering up murder!  Continue reading >

Mohammed bin Salman al-Saud (usually called MBS) the son of the King of Saudi Arabia is facing charges in a civil trial in the United States for being responsible for or enabling  a Washington Post journalist Jamal Khashoggi murder and dismembered like a meat carcass at the Saudi Arabian embassy in Turkey.

In order to avoid justice he is apparently holding the world hostage.   He is threatening to cut the supply of oil and has just asked daddy to make him the Prime Minister of Saudi Arabia.  Which daddy did without there being any legal foundation in Saudi Arabia for such a move.

His threat of oil cuts and his move to take over the prime minister role is in order to extort the US Biden Administration to recognize him as a head of state and to make him exempt from being charged in a civil trial.  Something which the Biden administration can do (they have made a 2nd 45 day extension to a request that they do just that).  In light of Saudi Arabia's disregard for human rights at home and human life by not helping and hence enabling Russian aggression in Ukraine the Biden administration should deny the request and right time to go ahead with denying the request is now.

The threat was stepped up.  Oil production is to be cut in November.  It is still a threat because there is still time not to go through with it.  On the other hand if the markets believe it is really going to happen the damage is done.

UPDATE: The US gave in to MBS.  Maybe they made a secret agreement at the G20.  Expect less cooperation from Saudi with Russia and/or less oil cuts, leading to lower oil prices.  However if MBS and OPEC+ does not fall in line, the US Bidden administration has another tool.  Congress has already approved a bill that would criminalize OPEC+ and now that the Senate is in the hands of the democrats they can push this bill through the Senate.    

When the righteous world is trying to sanction Russian oil because paying for Russian oil funds the Russian war machine, there is a need to see production elsewhere go up.  Otherwise energy prices will go through the roof, which creates voter disillusionment around the world.  That in turn makes it much more difficult to turn the Russian oil boycott into effective sanctions.  This is important because a partial boycott does nothing to reduce the flow of money into the Russian war machine monster.  By making the righteous countries effort to wean the world off Russian Oil difficult if not impossible, Saudi Arabia and its OPEC+ collaborators are essentially siding with evil; The Russian regime that is waging a genocidal war against Ukraine.  More on that later and back to MBS threat to escape from justice.

OPEC+ must under no circumstances be used as a tool for someone to avoid justice, let alone to get away with the murder of a journalist.  

MBS should be man enough to stand trial.  He certainly has the resources to hire great lawyers although many would reject working for him.

There is not much about this in the news and we have not heard anyone tying the threat of oil production cuts to the other pieces of this theater.   Maybe journalists are afraid of being cut into pieces by assassins and with the help of a surgeon equipped with meat saws as was the case in the Saudi Arabian Embassy in Turkey.  

A real world crime story that is so bizarre, that if it was a novel, it would be judged as too outrageous.  We will expand on the story later for those readers that missed this incredible but true story later.

This move to cut oil production and the timing of this move should also be construed as an attack on  the United States and its democratic elections that are just coming up!  This argument is already being made by US politicians.

Anyone that does business with Saudi Arabia should see that this really is a Pariah state along with Russia and China.  And to realize how dangerous it is to include these countries in the supply chain.

If other OPEC+ countries do what MBS wants to defend his own skin, then OPEC+ should be labeled as a criminal organization and should be subject to fines based on its oligopoly status.  

UPDATE Actually it does not matter which countries actually participate in the oil cuts, countries that voted for the oil cuts are responsible, for the attack on democracy, for supporting Russia and for covering up murder.  The vote in itself has already increased the price of oil.  E.g. in Germany already by 20 cents per liter.

(An excuse from the OPEC+ countries is that interest rates are going up which increases the cost of their investments.  But wait a minute why should non OPEC+ countries be financing the rich oil production countries with subsidized interest rates.  We should put a permanent end to this practice.  The financial markets should automatically set the interest rates at an equilibrium, where deposits equal loans.  There are other ways to increase the money supply then by subsidizing interest rates - contact us for details.  It should really be a wake up call when a rich country like Saudi Arabia complains about rising interest rates because they are the last ones we should be subsidizing and especially not for crazy risky projects like The Line discussed below.  Politicians argue that low interest rates are necessary to stimulate the economy, but here we are not talking about the currencies of the oil production countries but of other countries.  Why should USD, Euro, Swiss Francs or Japanese Yens be used to inflate the economy bubble in oil producing countries?  It is possible to do this differently  - contact us for details.  Subsidized interest rates are one of the main reason why the rich are getting richer and the poor poorer.  Hearing the argument from OPEC+ one can also conclude that this may also be contributing to some rich countries getting richer and poor countries remaining or becoming poorer. )      

UPDATE The US congress is considering actions against OPEC, all righteous countries of the world should join in.   

The US Senate should approve a bill passed by the US Congress in May to break up OPEC+ monopoly practices.    From an environmental viewpoint high oil prices are actually a good thing, for it reduces the demand for oil.  However given OPEC+ disregard for the crimes against humanity that Russia is pursuing and their role as enabler of those crimes we should take away their monopolistic powers and encourage governments to put taxes on oil instead to reduce the demand and hence use for this environmentally damaging substance. 

The current Saudi Arabia regime should be allowed to fall when the its time is up.  All arms sales to Saudi Arabia should be cancelled.

MBS recently participated in the negations of a prisoner exchange between Russia and Ukraine.  This was nice but is basically a PR stunt to whitewash the evil MBS is enabling.

Why MBS is bad for Saudi Arabia

MBS is living in something like a Disney fairytale.  He should wake up to reality.

MBS is working with Russia which in turn is working with Syria and together they work with Iran, Saudi Arabia's enemy.

The Syrian regime is also the enemy of the Saudi Arabian people.  The Syrian regime are now responsible for the bulk of the narcotics trade that is destroying the future prospects of the next generation of Saudi Arabians.  Saudis increased use of drugs is totally against the teachings of Prophet Mohammed.  Allah says in the Quran that intoxicants are the arrows and an abomination of Satan's handiwork (5:90).  

This may come back to hunt MBS.  He is credited with the liberation of the Saudi Arabian lifestyle.  (But what a psychopath because he does not allow anyone else's credit - anyone who fights for human rights in modern Saudi Arabia is ruthlessly put in jail.)  When the elders and other powerful people in Saudi Arabia see that MBS is leading the population into a path of self-destruction, they may take action that not only takes away the prospect of the throne from MBS but curtails Saudi Arabia's newfound freedoms. 

Literally throwing stones from a glass house

MBS is about to spend USD 500 billion of Saudi Arabia's money (or anyone crazy enough to lend to this risky project) on a futuristic city called The Line.    It will in fact be like a glass house.   A city that is built in a straight line with a mirror perimeter.  A dream that he is helping to turn into a nightmare.

It would be wonderful to live in a world where such dreams were possible.  But wake up!  The people of Ukraine were building their dreams.  Although among the poorest countries of Europe they were seeing progress and it can be argued that many had more enviable living conditions than people in richer countries.  It was not uncommon for people to have their own houses.  But this dream was shattered by one evil man and his path of destruction that has been allowed to continue with the support of Saudi Arabia.  The path of destruction is near total in the affected areas.  The people living there have lost almost everything, not to mention the shell shock that will scar them for decades to come.

This is not the kind of world we would like to live in, nor is it the kind of world that is compatible with futuristic city called The Line.  Yet MBS in his fairytale world thinks he can allow and enable this to happen some 3000 km due north of where The Line is to be built and somehow keep his "glass" city safe.  That is delusional; in an evil world no one is safe.  If you do not work with the rest of the righteous world how can you expect them to help protect your dream world?  The futuristic city called the Line would be on just a single flight path of destruction!

Saudi Arabia does have it's enemies that the US has been helping to defend against them and is actively trying to make them less dangerous.  The nuclear threat from Iran is very real.  Iran's number one enemy seems to be Israel and the US, but number two are the ruling regimes of Yemen and Saudi Arabia.  Iran recently got Russia to send drones that Iran built to attack Israeli pilgrims in Odessa Ukraine.  Those same drones are now being used against other targets in Ukraine.  Iran would have no qualms in having Yemen rebels attack The Line with drones or rockets, even before the project really gets off the ground.   Without proper defenses (Russian and Chinese made defense equipment may not be adequate), without intelligence and cooperation from the righteous countries, Saudi Arabia is not in an enviable position.  Without the US sanctions Iran weapons are likely to become more sophisticated as well.  MBS is like a bad tempered greedy small child and indeed he may have been raised where he got virtually everything he asked for.  He thinks he can throw a tantrum that affects the whole world.  He is upset that the world did not want to let him get away with murder scot free and that Biden has been dithering about Saudi Arabia's pariah state status.  It is time for daddy, the King to find a proper heir to the throne (otherwise it will be out of his hands) or to turn Saudi Arabia into a democratic state or for MBS to man up.  To man up is not something that MBS is likely to do because hardly no one has the courage to point these things out to him, except us.  Instead he try's to lie to the whole world.

UPDATE: MBS just gave US400 million of his blood money for Ukrainian humanitarian aid.  But this is nothing compared to the damage Saudi Arabia is making for the life of Ukrainians by supporting Russia.  Saudi Arabia has even been buying Russian oil at a discount so they could export their own at a higher price.

We are putting our necks on the line for you, for a better world.

Please help us stand up to the wrongs of anybody including the rich and powerful.   

What you can do

Russia is spending a lot on disinformation.  We are countering that with information and logic that can not easily be disputed.  We are very successful but we need your help, and the help of governments and other organizations.  Continue reading >

We are an international Charity registered in Iceland.  Our main focus is on biodiversity but we got distracted by what we saw as the repetition of the horrors of Hitler's Germany.

So we did the only thing that we thought was right.  To remind the world of what they should have learned from WWII.  Never again another Hitler.

You can support Ukraine in some tangible ways and they certainly need that as well.  But the greatest way you can help is to help Ukraine win this war and to do so we need to communicate.  We need to counter the disinformation that is being sponsored by Russia.  

We did not start our information campaign to finance our organization.  We have been financing it from our own pockets.  But we are just ordinary people and we need help in the form of donations, so we can continue and expand our campaign.  Even small donations can make a difference.  Sharing our website with as many as possible also helps.  (There is more information about our campaign below)

Have we succeeded in opening your eyes?

We would love to hear from you:

infowar@iceland.edu   WhatsApp +1 205 390 0000

and / or receive your support with a donation

by credit card or PayPal  or via bank transfer:

 Beneficiary: Charitable Institute, Rif, Iceland


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Our campaign is doing remarkably well.  Our messages are appearing at the top of page in Google search in some key population segments more often than the BBC and Yahoo and surprisingly although it was not our goal, we are already being recognized by Google as a news organization .  20% of our audience is Russian speaking which is very important as our messages need to be brought home to Russia.  (It is difficult to reach Russians in Russia directly but we do so with all the Russian speakers who have been living or have just moved abroad).  We are reaching about 50% of all avid news readers and avid political news followers around the world.  We have volunteer centers in Iceland and Switzerland.

Communication has played a key role in Ukraine's success so far.   But they need to be backed up by the media around the world.   We can make a significant contribution because we have the courage to say things that the regular media and Ukraine dares not say.   

In many countries, the support for Ukraine is overwhelming but in other countries it needs to be strengthened and we need to counter the so-called war fatigue, when people forget there is a war going on and how important it is for our own security and future well-being to do something about it. 

The beginning of the end of Trump

That is good news for Ukraine.   Because having someone that seems to have been compromised by the Russians as the president of the United States would be bad news for Ukraine.

 Continue reading >

Trump announced his re-run for the US presidency on November the 15th.  His chances of holding on to his Republican powerbase are looking slimmer because he went overboard with his quest for absolute power.  Instead of supporting Republican candidates in the midterms that would have secured more seats in the Senate and the House, Trump preferred to install candidates that would not question anything he did or said.  Thus his attempted power grab did not do well for the Republicans.  This they are not likely to forget and that is likely to cost him the Republican nomination for president.  Already he has been abandoned by fox news, his daughter and many of his previous followers.

People have been wondering what it is that the Russians have on Trump that makes him so weak in dealing with Putin.   Some speculate it to be the loan guarantees that Russia may have given to Deutsche Bank  for loans to the Trump businesses (When no other bank would lend him and Deutsche Bank had had enough of him, why did they give him new loans.  Why was Trump always threatening Germanies core industry the German automobile industry; to keep the Germans from spilling the beans?  Did he use the same method to oppress the friendly nation of Qatar -with the aid of Saudi Arabia- ?)  Others believe it to be compromising photos or videos from the time he was visiting Russia as a businessman.  Whatever it is, the US, Ukraine and the world need someone to stand up to Putin and Mr. Trump does not appear to be that person.

A proposal for a future war!

That is what Russia is offering disguised as a peace plan.  Continue reading >

Russia is loosing the current war in Ukraine.  They think they are so smart by coming up with an offer for peace talks.  But this offer is simply a proposal to take over Ukraine at a later date.

They set as a preconditions for talks Russia's security.  But they really mean Ukraine's insecurity.  Because they would like guarantees that Ukraine does not join NATO and/or build up its own defenses (while they no doubt would not like any restrictions placed on their military build up).  A version of this might have been doable before Russia invaded and in fact it was the situation before the Russian invasion because Ukraine did not really pose a threat to Russia and NATO membership was not on the table. 

But Russia's own actions have made such a deal impossible.  It is not just the Ukrainians who see that, what might have been possible before, is no longer possible.  The Finns and the Swedes who preferred to be neutral, do not feel that way anymore.  Even Switzerland wants closer cooperation with NATO.  

And rightly so.  Ukraine without a very strong military would soon be a sitting duck for a rebuilt Russian military.

At the outset of the current war Russia's aim was to replace the leadership of Ukraine because the current leadership did not suit their security model.   Today the same can be said in the other direction.  Ukraine can not feel safe as long as Putler and co remain in power.

Putler the Great reduced to a guerrilla terrorist

Putin is no longer calling the shots but a Chechnya Rebel and a Leader of an army of Convicts areContinue reading >

Despite what some people say.  It is obvious that Putler has lost his marbles.  His judgement goes from bad to worse.

He is now letting a puny (in the sense of intellect) leader of an insurrection and a businessman who set up a little group of hitmen (who's own militia has been reduced to an undisciplined bunch of just-released convicts) have something to say about the governing of the great Russian army.

Experienced generals are let go and these misguided men are pretending to be the wise ones, after the fact. 

Russia continues to spiral down into oblivion.

The current attacks on Ukraine's infrastructure only serves to strengthen the resolves of countries around the world to help Ukraine and make it even harder to make any deals which would leave Putin in power.

Countries that are working against Ukraine or are not doing enough:

Treason in the face of Clear and Present Danger

What else can it be called, when a country ignores its vital security interests, as well as the will of its and the European people?  The country in question is Germany but other countries are accomplices.  Continue reading >

Germany's chancellor Olaf Scholz has laid out plans to spend 200 billion Euros on strengthening Germany's defenses and yet in the face of the most ruthless attack on Europe, has only contributed 1.5 billion Euros in military aid.  Less than 1% of what he plans for an upgrade of Germany's own defenses.

At the same time trade with Russia is flourishing, both direct and indirect trade through Turkey and Hungary.   (An exception is energy, but through its delay tactics, Germany has made the prospect of a world Russian oil boycott impossible.)  A clear disregard for the will of ordinary people who have persuaded most well-known brands to exit Russia.

One and a half billion is a lot of money, but the United States which has a population size 4 times greater than Germany's, has provided 10 times more military aid.  Yet, the danger is closer to home.  The Ukrainians have learned to say thank you, not to hurt the pride (in German Stolz) for Mr. Scholz.

But someone has to point out the obvious.  The Russian aggression is the biggest security threat that Europe faces. Putin has publicly used farfetched rhetoric that Ukraine belongs to Russia.  He could easily use a similar rhetoric for what used to be East Germany. 

Most of the countries east of Germany recognize the clear and present danger.  Indeed, so much so, that they already back Ukraine's NATO membership bid.   These countries are Czech Republic, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Montenegro, North Macedonia, Poland, Romania and Slovakia.

Germany has for decades been at the recipient end of substantial military aid from the United States.  It is now time to pay it forward.  The enemy is a bit further away, but that is no excuse to be complacent.

It makes much more sense to fend off the enemy in Ukraine.  Putler must loose. Otherwise he would be encouraged to continue his horrendous aggression in the direction of Germany.

Europe should not let a country with an economy that is only one-eighths the size and dwindling, drag us back to the centuries of insecurities and wars.

If it were not a necessity, money spent on weapons is wasteful and takes away resources that could be used for greater good.  Money spent now on military aid to Ukraine is money well spent.  To send a message now that aggression does not pay can actually save on military spending in the future. 

We already see how the evil regimes are working together.   Iran is supplying Russia with drones and missiles and Russia is helping Iran suppress the Women's Rebellion.   After Russia, Iran is the greatest threat to Europe with its long range and soon nuclear capable missiles.  

The security of the whole world is also at stake.  China is preparing to start a similar war with Taiwan, which will be a great deal as China is showing aggression towards many more countries in Asia and around the world, for example disregarding countries' fishing rights.  North Korea under the protégé of Russia and China is beating the war drums, threatening South Korea, Japan and the United States.  Syria, propped up by Iran and Russia, is undermining the Arab world with its state-sponsored drug trade.  Saudi Arabia is taking lessons from Russia on how to deal with any kind of dissidence.

France that was liberated from Hitler is just as guilty as Germany of doing too little.   The Israelis, the descendants of Jews that felt the brunt of Hitler and which have been themselves the recipients of enormous military aid, are doing mind-bogglingly little to help the people of Ukraine.   The whole of Europe owes to pay it forward as it was freed from aggression at the end of WWII.  

Nations around the world rely on each other's cooperation, to hold on to their lands, including big nations like India, which will not be able to defend itself from China using Russian weapons.  Pay it forward or ahead of time!  India, Australia, Japan, South Korea, Taiwan, you can not defend yourself alone.  Take this seriously and greatly step up your military support for Ukraine.

All is fair in love and war?

Not quite.  Russia is pursuing a particularly unfair war.  Continue reading >

Although nations have set up some rules about how war is conducted; war is never fair.

Russia has been particularly bad in breaking these rules.  Committing war crimes, attempting genocide and engaging in terroristic activities such as sporadic attacks on cities far away from the front lines and now attempting to freeze out the general population with attacks on the electric infrastructure.

What makes the war even unfairer is that the Russians are able to attack without fear of similar attacks on Russian ground.  The Russians would like to extend this out-of-bounds zone to its occupied territories and to the Black Sea Fleet.

This is where we must draw the line and say the annexed territories, including Crimea, the bridge to Crimea and the Black Sea Fleet must and should be under relentless attack from Ukraine.   This is the only way for Ukraine to get its territories back.

Another thing that makes this a particularly unfair war is that Ukraine was persuaded to give up its nuclear weapons in exchange for security guarantees from the UK, USA and Russia.  And yet Russia which would not have attacked a nuclear capable Ukraine is responsible for attacking rather than defending Ukraine.

Inflation and other economic vows are not just a result of the war 

However in times of war it is normal to nationalize some resources.  Now is the time to seize the abnormal profits from the Oil companies.  Continue reading >

In addition to the human suffering and the destruction of property in Ukraine, Putin is responsible for the economic hardship in Russia (as he has called upon the sanctions by his actions) and some of the problems around the world.  But there are also other factors at play.  

How crazy is that?

I just met a woman with Russian ancestry.  She has been hosting Ukrainian refugees.  Yet her brothers who are living in Russia, may be drafted into the warContinue reading >

It is just a small tale of the absurdities of this war, versions of which are repeated countless times.  The fact is that the Ukrainians and the Russians were very close.  Most people had and still have relatives and friends in each others countries.

Perhaps it was not totally amiable because Russia has for a long time been showing its aggression.   Before 2008 Russia had a puppet government in Kiev much like it has now in Belarus and in 2014 changed the lease of Crimea's military base into an occupation and has been occupying parts of other regions.  Something that every man, woman and child in Ukraine is very much aware of.  

In a recent interview Sergei Lukyanenko (science fiction writer) recounted how the Ukrainian children used to refer to the Russians as occupiers.  His host RT Russian language director Anton Krasovsky responded that those children should be drowned or burned alive.  Even though Krasovsky was suspended for those comments it shows the culture of denial that ferments at the Russian state-supported media;  where it can be suggested that innocent children should not tell the truth.

Back to our little tale.  This woman has hosted 3 waves of Ukrainian refugees.  And now, if her brothers living in Russia, which have had some military training, decide not to flee may be drafted into the war.  And who knows the brothers and the husbands of the refugees might one day face each other and kill.

This war has nothing to do with the will of the people but the will of Putler and the hardliners he has allowed too much influence.

Russia is prepared to let the third world suffer!

Russia has just abandoned an agreement to allow the flow of Ukrainian grain that is used to feed the world.  Righteous countries should respond by wiping out the Russias Black Sea fleet.  Continue reading >

To let Russian war ships threaten the world food security is not acceptable.  We have tried and failed with the path of negotiations.  French president Macron suggested quite some time ago that we should escort the Ukrainian grain cargo ships, but we do not think he has the courage to follow through.  We should simply provide the Ukrainians the weapons they need and without delay to take out the Russian Black Sea Fleet.  

The Russian Black Sea Fleet has also been used in Russias campaign of terror which uses in part sea launched cruise missiles to hit indiscriminate targets wide across the Ukraine (which have nothing to do with the front lines) and Ukraines electric infrastructure.  The targeting of which threatens the survival of ordinary Ukrainian  citizens.  A tactic of freezing people to death.

We thereby have a multitude of reasons to take out the Russian Black Sea Fleet.

Putin is the 2nd Hitler.  Xi is the 3rd Hitler.

22-10-22  It is a sad day for China and a sad day for the world.  Most people in Russia now regret that Putin was (and still is) their leader.  Why couldn't the Chinese learn from this?  The Chinese Communist Party just made the same mistake as Russia and extended the term of someone who is already showing Hitler-like qualities.  Continue reading >

Xi is the wrong leader for China.  He is proving it again and again.  Zero COVID Policy makes no sense.  Making ever more countries distrust China makes no sense.  Being aggressive towards so many countries makes no sense.  Bullying countries around the world makes no sense.  Overreaction to countries like Australia (that only requested that the origins of the COVID-19 virus should be investigated) makes no sense.  Pissing off Canada makes no sense.  All these things do not make China stronger but weaker.  Having the whole world against you is Xi's big mistake.  Even China's belt and road initiative is not good for China if it is perceived to be done in bad faith.  Under Xi rule, a big bubble was allowed to grow in the property market.  

Just look at Russia now.  How sad it will be for China to be in a similar spot?  With cooperation from all the successful countries withdrawn.   Already measures are being taken to limit Chinas partake in the supply chain of companies and countries.  The Communist party should have gotten rid of Xi before it was too late.  The corrupt functioning of the system, proves that it is not a good system.  It seems to be all built on corruption.  Leaders at every level receive bribes.  When Xi or anyone in a higher power position they can easily abuse that position and eliminate anyone below that does not support them pointing correctly to  corruption of those individuals, but leaving all the other corrupt individuals in place as long as they support the "right" leadership.

Russia will get rid of Putin, but will pay dearly for doing that so late.  Xi is just starting to destroy China.  With the new mandate he can accelerate its destruction.  20% unemployment is very bad for the Chinese younger generation.  Blindfolding everyone is outrageous.  Xi is even holding off publishing China's Economic data until he is reelected. Not allowing anyone to shine (to show their abilities) because Xi has to shine more than anybody else is making creativity very difficult for China's talented people.  It is Xi that is loosing Taiwan because he broke the Chinese promise about Hong Kong's independence by abandoning the second part of the one country-two systems rule.

If Xi does not want to be remembered as a Hitler like figure. there is a way for him to turn things around.  Return Hong Kong back to self governance, with its own judicial system independent from China's and without the possibility for the people of Hong Kong to be persecuted by China.  Only this will defuse the tense relationship with Taiwan.  Stop all Chinese bullying around the world.  Allow people to have their own opinions in China and anywhere in the world.  Continue to tackle corruption also in cases that are connected with your faithful followers.  Put up an alternative reward system for officials so they do not have to resort to corruption.  Let capitalism flourish but keep monopoly and oligopoly at bay and do not allow people to make a profit based on lies (such as that property prices will always go up).  Stop propping up the most evil regimes in the world, including Russia, Iran, North Korea, Myanmar and Afghanistan.  Don't be worried that you may not be the only shining star.  Allowing people to grow and shine is necessary for the growth and well being of your nation.   You don't want to be remembered as a nutcase like the North Korea's Kim Jong-un or worse like Putin or Hitler.

2017 Washington DC - See Video

2022 Manchester England

The Chinese consulate in Manchester just did an Erdogan

Someone told me Erdogan is really a nice man.  The Western Press has just got him wrong.  People try to say the same thing about China's XiContinue reading >

Erdogan is reported to have instructed his security personal to attack protesters who greeted him upon public appearance in Washington DC in 2017.   In October 2022, Chinese diplomats attacked protesters and dragged one of them inside the gates of the consulate, where he was attacked by a group of Chinese thugs.  The diplomat is reported to have said it is his duty in order to hold up China's dignity.  But what Erdogan did and what the Chinese are doing under the direction of Xi is NOT dignified.

China just added insult to injury by threatening the UK with reduced trade if the UK would continue to make a big deal out of this unacceptable behavior of the Chinese Consul.

Xi is so paranoid that he had the Winnie the Poo movie banned in China, because people were amusing themselves over the resemblance between him and Winnie the Poo ;) 

When people try to claim the innocence of these brutal regimes, we point to these incidents and ask if this would be OK in their own countries.  It is a sign of how morally bankrupt the people are, who work for these regimes, that they can not even abstain from brutality on foreign ground. 

China is operating de facto police stations in countries around the world.  It is the duty of civilized nations to shut these down and deport the people permanently who work there.

Calling for peace negotiations can't be wrong, can it?

When dealing with a Hitler like figure it isContinue reading >

See the article above and the other articles on this page.  Peace that is only temporary and will allow the adversary to attack later with a greater force is not worth it.  If there was any reason to think that it would be permanent, then peace would be great.  But NO!

Cause there are no reasons

What reason do you need to be shown?   (Lyrics by the Boomtown Rats)

Putin has shown again and again that he can not be trusted, especially when it comes to honoring peace and disarmaments agreements.

The situation has turned on its head.  It is not Ukraine that needs to  promise not to rearm, but Russia.

Individuals and nations that call for peace without returning all of Ukraine territory back to Ukraine and without Russia properly reimbursing Ukraine for all the damage that has been done are unreasonable.  It is also not realistic to expect that Ukraine would negotiate with Putin or anyone who shares his imperialistic believes.  

Ukraine is a short lived country but it certainly does not belong to Russia.  Russia has a history of expansionism but those days should be over.  

Any country, has a much brighter future, if it embraces international cooperation and keeps inner corruption at bay.

Read what other people have had to say and make your own comments

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Mistake after mistake

Putin never learns.  Russia needs to get rid of the New Hitler.  Continue reading >

The picture above depicts the impoverished cash deprived regions of Russia

Putin these are your mistakes (many of which are proven) and they will be your legacy!

What mistake will you make next?

--- --- ---

These are the mistakes that Putin and his assemblage will be remembered for and if we are lucky prosecuted for.

Putin may consider himself a propaganda master mind.  But when worst comes to worst everyone including the Russians themselves will see the lies and the sheer horror of it all.  Some people who have been brainwashed into becoming nasty people may not see all these as mistakes, but it will come back to hunt their conscience.  If you the reader knows of someone that doubts the mistakes that Russia is making then please send her or him the URL to our website and also share our thoughts with as many people as you can because everyone needs to be aware of the torture that Putin is subjecting not only on Ukraine but on the Russian people and on the whole world.

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Bridge over troubled waters

Russia has destroyed so many bridges in Ukraine.  It is time to destroy the Crimean bridge.  Continue reading >

We always wondered why the bridge between Crimea and Russia remained standing.

We figured that Russia is going for the land corridor to Ukraine precisely because this bridge is so vulnerable in times of hostilities.  And we figured also that Ukraine postponed attacking the bridge to show Russia that the land corridor is not so important.  But Russia has been using the bridge to supply military equipment and fuel for the military and Russia has not spared Ukraine bridges, nor schools, hospitals and cultural monuments.  Russia has gone too far in the destruction of villages, towns and cities and have shell shocked the people and separated families by forced relocation of 1.6 million people to Siberia.   There can not be any compromise with such an evil regime.  Russia must be kicked entirely from Ukraine.  They may repair part of the bridge.  But it is just a matter of time until the bridge will be taken out of use.

When Russia had only Crimea, Ukraine's loss was greater than that because Russia regularly interfered with ships destined or coming from Ukraine ports.  

Some people who are now living in Crimea are maybe not so dissatisfied with the Russian occupation.  In part because Russia brought more money into the region but at the expense of much poorer regions of Russia (the mean income in Russia is lower than that of India) and sometimes because they may have taken over their fleeing neighbors homes.  In the 1940s Stalin forcefully relocated 200,000 tartars away from Crimea.  Those that remain have been treated badly and will probably be grateful when the Russians will be kicked out.  Just as in Russia itself a lot of people would also be pleased when they are no longer ruled over by a ruthless regime that kills it's neighbors.  

What makes Putin the New Hitler?

Continue reading >

Putin even threatened peaceful Ireland.  At the beginning of the war he planned military exercises in Irish fishing waters. 

The cornered Rat

What can Putin do?   Continue reading >

Putin knows about the concept of the cornered Rat because he wrote about his experiment as a young man in cornering a huge rat.  Now he is in that position.

Putin's live is in danger.  

He is threatened from two directions.  From hardliners and from people that want a more sensible approach to Russia's coexistence in this world.  He has been brutal in his attack on the latter, judging from prominent people falling from windows, a boat and the "accident" where someone fell down several flights of stairs.  

He seems to be underestimating the threat that comes from the hardliners.  For his own safety he should distance himself from the hardliners.

He should stop his hormone treatment.  Testosterone injections only make your balls smaller.  (A proven medical fact ;)  Putin is extremely occupied with his body appearance which makes this so laughable.

He should make a U-turn, admit that referendum results were falsified and blame it on the officials (who were stupid and immoral enough to participate in that charade) , withdraw and build a new prosperous Russia that works with the world instead of against it.  This would be the greatest statesmanship the world has seen.

There is probably not a fat chance in hell for this to happen.  The only other chance he can come out of this alive is to get an asylum somewhere.  In which case, given his power he should make sure that an honest person takes over the interim administration and not like it was last time a corrupt person following a corrupt person as Putin followed Yeltsin.

History will not be kind to Putin.  Eventually the cover up will end and Putin will be exposed for what he was.  If not now, in a decade there will not be anyone who wants to beautify his actions, but quite to the contrary.  Putin has tried to beautify the horrors of Stalin but this attempt to rewrite the history books will also come to nothing.

The same applies to all other misguided leaders, Erdogan, Modi, Viktor Orbán, Bolsonaro, Bashar al-Assad, Maduro, Lukashenko, Ebrahim Raisi, Khamenei, MBS, Xi and Trump.   

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The majority wants their governments to do more to support Ukraine in line with our suggestions.  Around two thirds want more in the way of sanctions not only targeted towards Russia and Belarus but towards countries that undermine our own sanctions like India and China.  40% think we should recognize Taiwan.

Here you can read some of the comments and/or make comments and participate in the survey.

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With the threat of a nuclear attack Ukraine defense needs to be taken to a new level!

The new level is air combat and air defense superiority - a no-fly zone for Russians.  Continue reading >

Not only should the Ukrainians be given the weapons they need to quickly retake their own land but they desperately need advanced planes that could be used to scramble any airborne threat.  

This should have been done a long time ago, but now there is the additional reason of the nuclear threat.  The west has stressed the consequences that the use of Nuclear weapon would have for Russia.  When Russia was marching at Ukraine's border the west also stressed some consequences for Russia.  But Russia never listens and in retrospect it would have saved a lot of life's and suffering  had the west responded with much more than words.  The same is probably true now.  Provide Ukraine with sophisticated artillery, defense shields and advanced jets ASAP.

From crazy to crazier

The New Hitler is contemplating to blow up a dam and just torpedo his own tourism apparat Continue reading >

Russia has the problem that no tourists are coming in but only "tourists", middle class Russian citizens, fleeing the country. 

Some speculate that Putin abolished Russia's federal tourism agency because he did not like the advice that the directorate of the agency was giving namely that there were no restrictions on traveling abroad if you had not already been drafted for the Ukrainian war.  Quit an unusual move to abolish the whole agency.  It is suspected that Putin's preferred method when he wants someone to go is to throw them out of high rise windows.  Still crazy but more humanitarian.

The same can not be said of his plans to drown towns and villages by blowing up a dam in Southern Ukraine or contemplating a false flag operation involving a dirty nuclear bomb.  

The world needs to stop this monster of a man now.

Russia's Ministry of Defense should defend Russia from Putin

Putin just made the Chechnya leader Ramzan Kadyrov a colonel general Continue reading >

The new colonel general Ramzan Kadyrov recently suggested Russia should use nuclear weapons against Ukraine.  

To let Putin destroy Russia, drag the Russian military into a war that no one sane wants, force the military to commit war crimes and now to bypass the Ministry of Defense in promoting the inept and dangerous Ramzan are actions that should not continue.

It is high time for the Russian Ministry of Defense to stop this farce and take Russia out of its self inflicted misery.  Put Putin under house arrest or in an asylum, withdraw from Ukraine (from a war that is not winnable for Russia), release political prisoners,  stop the corruption, dismantle the FSB and the GRU, hold free elections, and let Russia prosper.

If you are powerful within Russia and you do nothing to help take down the new Hitler you are as responsible as anyone in a similar position was when Hitler was in power in Nazi Germany.

News organization that dares

Your can contribute with news, insight and photos!

Investors, collaborators and journalists establish contact.    Continue reading >

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Iran supports evil

How can a religious leader support evil?  Iranian so called supreme leader does. Continue reading >

First the Iranians shoot down an Ukraine commercial airplane.  Instead of showing their regret they continue to facilitate the death of Ukrainian citizens.  By supplying the evil regime of the New Hitler's Russia with military grade drones.  Iran may have a negative opinion of the US and Israel.  But what is absolutely clear is that the Russian regime is evil.  Iran is working ever more closely with all the evil regimes of the world.  Iran so called supreme leader is not a supreme leader at all because he does not listen to the will of his own people and every religious person in the world should denounce him for working with and for evil and that includes his nuclear aspirations.

The Iranian regime is also clearly evil in suppressing and killing its own citizens.

Hurrah to all women who stand up for their right not to wear a headscarf, like the CNN reporter Christiane Amanpour who has interviewed every Iranian president since 1995 but refused to bend to the wishes of the Iranian President Ebrahim Raisi to wear a head scarf.  #hijabchoice

Calling all women in the world to burn their hijabs to support the struggle of women and men of Iran and for the Iranian people to get rid of rulers that break the most fundamental concept of all religions, not to do evil. #evilfreeiran

In the name of righteousness and even the most basic religious concepts of religion let the people of Iran get rid of the tyranny and the evil that plagues their country's leadership #Kopftuch #OpIran  See our separate page calling for women's rebellion.

Who do we think we are?

Who do you think YOU are?  Continue reading >

The ordinary German citizen is a very nice person and the same was probably true in Nazi Germany.  Yet the German nation during the Nazi era was responsible for the most horrendous crimes against humanity.  How can that be if they were really nice people?  Simple - by doing way to little to stop the Nazis.  Every human being should learn from this recent history.

Each and everyone that does nothing now is responsible for the autocracies being carried out in Ukraine, just as the Germans and those that gave the Germans the benefit of the doubt were responsible for the actions including the holocaust of Nazi Germany.

This is how we look at it.  So we are compelled to do something.  We can not stand by while genocide takes places, mass graves are discovered, attacks are carried out targeting schools, hospitals, cultural monuments, civilians, the property of ordinary people or any structure that belongs to Ukraine or against the defenders of Ukraine which have the right to defend their own country.

We are just ordinary people that decided to do what we can.  We know how to get our messages across the world so that they sow ideas in others which we hope will sprout more support across the world.   

Communication should not be underestimated.  Your governments are likely not to do enough to support Ukraine unless they get pressure from their citizens.  Such pressure does not happen unless people have an understanding of the issues.  This is what we facilitate.  Our Russian speaking readership is growing very fast, in fact 3000% faster than expected.  Our messages often appear at the top of a page on Google and on average more often than the BBC.

You too can do something.   You can forward our website, organize demonstrations, write letters to politicians, contact influencers or at the very least make a small donation to our effort.  Crowdfunding has the potential to make a real difference.  If we had some external funds we could do so much more.  We also need online and onsite volunteers (including translators, you can stay for a short or longer time for a low fee in the Swiss mountains or Iceland - if someone can sponsor that we would like to lower that fee or eliminate it)   

Who do you think you are?  Is it your legacy that you did nothing as Europe was being attacked?

Tell us  (by WhatsApp or email) what you are doing to differentiate yourself from the nice people of Nazi Germany.

You can donate by credit card or PayPal  or via bank transfer:

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A referendum at gun point

The whole world must make it abundantly clear that this is absurd:  Continue reading >

Russia held a sham referendums in the occupied areas of Ukraine.  The following people will not be able to vote:

The modern world is based on free trade and free movement of labor between countries that respect one another.  This is what the young people want.  To create and foster hatred by war, aggression, propaganda and the suppression of information is wrong and against the true will of the people.  

Putin is mobilizing the Army reserves 

This is how we must respond.  Continue reading > 

What else can we do to get rid of the new Hitler

The Russian regime likes to go for normalcy.  This is what we need to fight.  Continue reading >

Russia wants countries to continue engaging with it as if that was a perfectly normal thing to do.  Even if countries have subjected Russia to sanctions, Russia still wants to operate its embassies as before -free from protests-, for its people to visit as tourists, to take part in conferences and for Putin and his assemblage to be engaged as if they were normal human beings and not the monsters they really are.

We need to send the Russians clear messages at all levels that they are a pariah nation.  Putin should not be treated as a pal.  We should redraw and restrain every form of communication with Russia.  Not doing so will give them the impression that they can get away with their monstrous imperialistic expansion. #nonewhitler

Furthermore we should also reconsider our relations with countries that continue to engage with Russia as if it was OK to do so.  It is not OK to engage with the new Hitler.  So we should put pressure on countries like Turkey, Hungary, Saudi Arabia, India, China, UAE, Serbia and even Israel, Germany, France, Italy and South Africa to stop all normal relations with Russia.

We need to use our creativity to amplify our message that what Russia is doing is so bad that no normality is possible at any level and to convince any country that wants to trade with or cooperate in any way or fashion with the free world that it needs to take part in these efforts to isolate Russia.

There are signs that what has been done so far is having an effect.  Russian politicians are calling for Putin to resign or the parliament to impeach him.  There is still a long way to go before this trickle of protests becomes a flood but it is already clear that most Russians would like Putin to go. 

When we increase the pressure on Russia, be it by the above methods and by supplying more and better weapons to Ukraine the sooner we can free the Russian people from the tyranny and end the horrible suffering in Ukraine.

#Putler #Frieden #lavrov #lawrow #ukraine #donbass #kriegsverbrecher #moskau #gewissen #diplomatie #aussenminister #frieden #CommissionOfInquiry

Incredible double speak coming out of Germany

Germany is making statements that seem to be designed to give the impression that Germany is helping Ukraine when in fact it is hardly doing anything.  Continue reading >

Kyiv says it needs 1000 Howitzers and Germany has given nine and has now approved an order from Kyiv for the manufacturing of 100 howitzers (I suspect Kyiv and not the Germans are paying for these)  which will take many years to manufacture and in the meantime Ukraine citizens face a living hell.

Germany is refusing to send western tanks and uses it as an excuse that no other European country has provided these.  Well the countries that are closest to the Russian threat did not have any western tanks, and France and Italy seem to be as much in the pocket of Putin as Germany is.

Germany says it wants to have the strongest military in Europe.  This would be a waste of money.   What is the use of a strong military that does not help protect Europe until Putin is at the German border.  No country can do it alone.  No country can defend it self sufficiently without the help of other countries.  German refusal to go beyond the minimum help for Ukraine, means that it can not and should not assume a leading role. 

In the meantime a coalition party, an opposition party and the European Commission president are calling for tanks to be delivered to Ukraine.

When will the double speak end and real support for Ukraine begin?  To act now would be much cheaper than having to defend against an emboldened new Hitler later.  #Russland #Regime #Reservisten #Proteste #Einwanderer #Kanoenfutter #Wehrdienst #UnserLandZuerst #Organisationen #Weltkrieg #Referendum

India is working against Ukraine

Germany is not supporting Ukraine as it should but India is actually working against Ukraine. Continue reading >

Who comes up with these public relations stunts?!?  Recently it was reported that India handed over 7,725 kilograms of humanitarian aid to Ukraine.  How irresponsible can the media be to report such far fetched hypocrisy?  For comparison India imports 150,000,000 kilograms of of Russian oil PER DAY, (approximately 2 million percent more kilograms PER DAY) with money that lines the war coffers of the New Hitler's Russia and is actually fueling the war.  Part of the blame goes to Germany for being slow to boycott Russian oil, but a huge blame is on the US, Japan and the EU for continuing to make deals with India when India is really working against them.  Any deals with India should be contingent on India stopping its imports of Russian oil.

India is in the company of China in undermining the oil boycott.  What a great companionship.  China recently took or was given control of about 1000 sq km of Indian land in the Himalayas.  India's priorities are obviously messed up.  Does it expect western support in standing up to China, without supporting the west now.  Or are they just going to continue to give China what it wants?

Now a few weeks later.  CNN is making the point that India's action do not follow India's words.

India should realize that Russian weapons are a waste of money and will not help India protect itself from China.

We need a world boycott of Russian oil, to stop financing Russia's war against Ukraine.  Now there is no real boycott, nor is there going to be with the price-cap.

The politicians are making a mockery of the sacrifices people around the world are making supposedly for the benefit of Ukraine. Continue reading >

People around the world are paying a price for the sanctions against Russia weather they want to or not (and in fact most people would not mind if it really helps).  People are making their contribution by paying higher gasoline prices and through higher inflation which makes a dent in peoples savings.   What the politicians should be concerned about and should really address is the ineffectiveness of the measures they have taken.  Half hearted measures just do not work.   It is only a symbolic gesture not to buy a commodity directly from Russia, while Russia is able to continue to finance the war by selling that commodity (oil) to someone else. 

Therefore for the oil sanctions to be effective, pressure and sanctions need to be carried out against the countries that undermine the sanctions, including China, UAE, India, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Hungary, Turkey and Germany. 

A price-cap on Russian oil is not the same as a boycott and even if successfully implemented is not as effective as a proper boycott, because it allows money albeit a bit less to be sent to Russia to finance the war.  An unsuccessful implementation of a price-cap is a terrible thing because it allows ships transporting Russian oil to continue to be insured and various countries to still receive Russian oil as if it was OK but if neither India or China take part it is yet another lame half hearted measure that is actually much worse than trying to go for a boycott.  Unlike a properly enforced sanctions a price-cap does not reduce CO2 emissions quite to the contrary.

Politicians are guilty of not fully supporting Ukraine by not putting up effective oil sanctions.   The current oil boycotts merely reroute Russian oil and have no bite.  If the politicians wanted to make effective sanctions they can, but they do not because they are afraid rising oil prices will loose them some votes.  A very short-sighted and irresponsible approach.  We now clearly see how shameful it was to continue to do business and deals with Hitler's Germany during the 2nd world war.  Continuing to do business with Putin's Russia is no different.  History should judge these gutless politicians.  The public should let the politicians know that righteousness is more important than paying a bit more at the gas pump.  Not least because it is the only effective way to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.  The world will pay dearly if we do not bring CO2 emissions under control and the same applies if we allow Hitler-like people to get their way.  

Europe has not stopped importing Russian oil and with the price-cap solution there does not appear to be any such boycott in sight unless Russia itself will bar the export of oil to countries that implement the price cap. 

We also need to boycott / sanction way more Russian goods.  The pressure on Putin must be relentless.  When companies can not export their goods, the pressure increases.

Turkey should decide if it wants to be a third world country together with North Korea, Russia (which is heading fast in that direction) and drug dealing Syria

It is possible to have an interest-free financial system, but not the way Turkey does it (contact us for details).  Turkey needs to be a responsible member of NATO.  To be more democratic and get rid of corruption first and foremost within the current regime.    Continue reading >

By subsiding interest, Erdogan is giving away everything to his friends who can borrow money and only pay a fraction back.   No one else in their right mind, than Erdogan's friends dare to invest because there is no point in gathering wealth in Turkey when it can all be taken away in an instant.  As Erdogan has nationalized more than 1000 companies, reportedly some of which have refused to pay him bribes.  This hurts the Turkish economy because these companies need their owners to be run well and to stay afloat.

Turkey sometimes makes good gestures towards Ukraine.  But everything positive Turkey does is undermined by making deals with Russia and Iran, Ukraine's enemies.  #DünyaLideri #DünyaLideriDeğil

Turkey is now suggesting engineering a great plan for Ukraine.   Turkey is not even able to take care of its own economy, which would be pretty simple, let alone devise a plan for Ukraine.  We already discussed the great danger that such meddling entails.  See below.  When Macron, Scholtz and Draghi had something like this in mind we described it as the greatest danger Ukraine was facing.  That Turkey is reviving any discussions that do not involve Ukraine itself makes Turkey one of the most dangerous enemies of Ukraine.

Turkey mentions the prisoner swop as an example of what can be accomplished.   It was a nice gesture but basically just a publicity stunt.  Most of the Mariupol soldiers are still Russian prisoners.

How cold will it be indoor this winter?

Europeans are worried about some energy shortages.  What we should be worried about is the Ukrainians?

European energy needs can all be taken care of with some planning, engineering and hard work.  (UPDATE Germany managed to build a LNG liquid cas terminal in months rather than years as we predicted)   We should be more worried about Ukrainians freezing to death.  Putin thinks that he will gain an upper hand by cutting off energy from the Ukrainians in winter, with his control over gas, and nuclear facilities.  Already he is attacking the power infrastructure.   Now is the time to massively step up our support for Ukraine, to kick Russia out BEFORE winter, with more weapons, ammunition, planes and anything we can think of.  

Stupid Hungary

Germany was stupid by relying on Russian energy.  It must be said that Hungary is even more stupid.

How crazy can they be to go ahead with the construction of Russian Atomic Power stations.  The west has been worried about the use of Huawei telephone equipment as it might allow the Chinese to incorporate spying and disruption capabilities.  The Russian have just shown their readiness to disrupt (even at the cost of hurting their own future energy sales to the West).  The Russians could incorporate disruption capabilities in those Atomic Power stations, uncontrolled radiation, controlled radiation or out of control radiation (you never know the end results - might even hurt Russia itself)   

The Hungarian dictator Viktor Orbán has been linked to the Mafia and organized crime.  The country is being isolated.  Even Poland which had sympathized with Hungary has turned its back. 

The European Union and the world should step in and stop this madness.  Not stepping in is bad and potentially catastrophic for the Hungarian people, Europe and beyond. 

Hungary is reducing Europe's options to sanction Russia.  Not at all Ukraine friendly.

Hungary and Turkey are delaying Finland's and Sweden's entry to NATO.  Hungary should make the vote in November.  

UPDATE Hungary says they are going to approve Finland's and Sweden's entry to NATO but are set to oppose EU proposal for a Euro 18 billion aid package.   

If Hungary is prepared to add to the suffering of the people of Ukraine, we should reconsider all business and really make a big effort to quash the corrupt regime of Hungary.

Kudos to Israel for allegedly attacking an Iran drone manufacturing facility that has been manufacturing drones to be used by Russia against Ukraine and again for their attack on Iranian defense facilities in January 2023 

Israel has ashamedly been standing on the sidelines and has not stepped in to help Ukraine despite obvious similarities with Hitler and the new Hitler.  It is therefore commendable that Israel did something that makes a positive difference for Ukraine.

It is time to recognize that it is impossible to make a deal with a Hitler type of personality.  Sooner or later Putin will not honor any agreement.  In addition Israel is insulting its past and showing ungratefulness for all the support it has gotten from around the world, not least from the US ,for not standing up to the common enemy.  Now is the time to be clear that Russia stands with Iran and now is the right time to kick Iran out of Syria and to put a halt to Iran's nuclear program that not only threatens Israel but the whole of Europe.  Israel should also start to really support Ukraine.  Now is not the time to show weakness.  This is like Nazi Germany again not enough support even when faced with mass graves!

Iran is obviously not serious about making a sensible deal.  They want a deal without being properly inspected.  Any deal that does not uncover all the enriched uranium and the equipment to enrich uranium would not be worth the paper it is written on.  Such a deal would be an insult to all the experts on the matter and the intelligence of the general public and would leave the world at the mercy of some religious fanatics.

Iran and Russia are already working together.  Iran is supplying Russia with Missiles, Drones and know how.  Russia is reported as exporting its rule of terror to Iran (and also to Saudi Arabia).   If Israel continues to sit on the fence the worse the situation will become.  In recent days there are signs that Israel is waking up to the error of its ways.  

It is time for Israel to take further action before the Iranians will be in a position to do irreversible harm to Israel.  Time is running out.  It will not be so nice to live in Israel when its people are at the mercy of some religious fanatic in Iran.  The Iranians themselves do not like the supreme bad leaders of their country.

Waiting increases the suffering.  Hitler should have been stopped earlier.  The New Hitler must be stopped now.  The Israel's should understand this better than anyone else.  Prove that you are better.  Give Ukraine unlimited support NOW!

Talk of an economic NATO, is just empty words while we continue to make various agreements with India while it keeps undermining the Russia's oil boycott.

Wake up Japan, Europe and the US.  Make any agreement with India conditional on a boycott of Russian oil. 

For the righteous countries of the world.  While China does not support Ukraine, we should make it clear that it can not have it both ways.

Continue reading >

Step up your treatment of Taiwan as a separate country.  Take Pelosi's visit Taiwan as a good example.  Have your politicians visit Taiwan.  Name your consular missions after Taiwan and not just Taipei.  China deserves to be irritated as it is an enabler of the bloody invasion of the Ukraine.

China is heading for failure.  If Xi is voted in again by corrupt politicians who only care for themselves and have no regard for the will of the people this will lead to the destruction of China as we come to know it.  In fact the dismantling of prosperous China is well on its way.

Take for example the recent meeting between Putin and Xi.  Well they made some agreements designed as an alternative to the trade and cooperation of righteous countries.  At the same time the US stated they would bar the Chinese from investing in US technology firms.  Guess which of these events is going to make a greater impact for the future of China.    

Just a few years ago the situation for China looked promising.  High economic growth and burgeoning trade with the whole world.  Trade is continuing but the growth is slower, because countries around the world are becoming wary of China.  Governments want to cut reliance on Chinese goods.  Ordinary people around the world are noticing that China is cozying up to evil countries like Russia, North Korea, Myanmar, Iran and by extension Syria.  All this will lead to China being shunned as supplier of goods and companies certainly do not want to be burned again as they have been in Russia by having operations in such a country that has a faltering sense of righteousness.  With a leadership that resembles the relationship between Hitler and Mussolini.  The resemblance between Tiger and Winnie the Pooh where Xi is in the role of Winnie the Pooh is absolutely nothing for Xi to be worried about compared to being compared to Hitler and Mussolini.

Thailand needs to listen to its people and kick out politicians that go against their interests.

Thailand's future lies with the West and definitely not with China.  It is therefore insane that Thailand's military is doing military exercises with China; A country that is financing Russia's war in Ukraine (by buying Russia's oil) and threating most of its neighbors.

Ukraine's gravest danger comes from the three cowards that visited Kiev!  

Scholtz, Macron and Draghi.  They have been suggested a plan where Putin could have a ceasefire, which would allow him to regroup and reorganize to take over the whole of Ukraine, Moldova and who knows what else.

Putin himself recently said on the record to a group of students that it was a good plan to withdraw in order to come back later with a greater force.  How blind, deaf, and lacking in righteous speech can these European pseudo-leaders be (see the photo above)?    Are they compromised agents of Putin, just like Trump is claimed to be?  (Russia is known to make donations, provide or guarantee loans, and to take compromising photos and videos of anyone, that might be useful to have under its thumb).  Those monkeys are suggesting that the threat of the reintroduction of lifted sanctions would prevent Russia from attacking again later without providing proper security guarantees.   Open up your eyes and ears you fools!  Russia is already threatening to take on Lithuania and Poland.   When you have a lunatic like Putin, the threat of sanctions is obviously not enough to hinder future aggression.   It will be much more costly to be prepared for that aggression than to really help Ukraine now.  Forget about making a deal with the new Hitler.  WWII thought us it makes no sense to make deals with the likes of Hitler.

It is Scholtz that should have resigned rather than Boris Johnson because he is telling lies where it matters.  Ukraine is not receiving heavy weapons from Germany nor is Germany providing modern weapons to Greece or Poland as it promised so that these countries in turn could send their Soviet style weapons to the Ukraine.

Russia is stepping up its attacks on the Ukrainian infrastructure (dams, electric grid, power stations), while the rest of the world does not see the urgency to really step up their support to stop the ever more aggressive new Hitler!

It is not enough that the west thinks Ukraine is winning.  (See the 2nd side article)

The right valuation of any cryptocurrency is ZERO - find out why.  (Another Open Letter)

It is a crime against humanity not to help Ukraine as much as we can!

Yet there are countries that are really dragging their feet - including Germany and the US really needs to address some key issues NOW

During World War II big mistakes where made in dealing with Hitler.  We need to ensure that we do not make similar mistakes in dealing with the new Hitler (Putin).

Apart from sending effective weapons ,what we need to do is to stop financing the evil regime.   So far this is where we have miserably failed.   Russia is having so much success in selling it's oil that it is refusing to sell to some bloody Indian refineries (yes bloody because anyone and not least those that want to increase their purchases of Russian oil are co-responsible for the atrocities in Ukraine).  So if Russia does not need additional buyers it means that the Oil sanctions are not working.  Why?

The biggest blame goes to Germany.  It is more difficult to persuade other countries not to buy Russian oil while Europe continues to do so.  And to give oneself additional 9 months to wean Germany off Russian oil means that Germany is co-responsible for the continued atrocities in Ukraine for all that time.   How many cities have to be destroyed, lives, livelihoods, churches and hospitals?   How many people, including children need to flee or to be forcibly relocated to Siberia before Germany does the right thing?  Germany did not care for the economic consequences of it's non-sensical overreaction to Covid-19, yet now for a few percentage points of economic growth (if indeed there is any economic growth lost because we should actually boycott German products; vote with our feet against this greedy approach) it is just simply mean not to do more for Ukraine.   Germany was responsible for WWII and Germany has been receiving enormous military aid from America.  It was Germany's own decision to rely on Russian Oil and Gas despite of being warned about the perils of this approach.   Now is the time to pay the consequences without continuing to support Russia, so that the righteous countries could step up their dissuasion for any country to buy Russian oil.

Secondly the United States, the EU and other countries that represent big markets should use their powers to make sure that other countries do not buy Russian oil.  Otherwise stopping to buy Russian oil themselves is just a token measure that has no bite. 

We should also keep in mind that the only effective way to combat climate change entails rising oil prices.  A simple economic fact that Germany is ignoring and thus the green party that is part of the German coalition can only be called a pseudo-green party.

Please help us get these messages through, we are all responsible for the atrocities in Ukraine if we do not try to do our bit.   One of the most important bit we can do is to facilitate communications.  Please help us spread our message with a donation.  Donations can be made securely with PayPal, Credit Card or via  bank transfer

Russia's black sea fleet needs to be sunk now!

With the world supply of grain being held hostage by the Russian fleet millions of people could die.   

We can not let the people of the poorest countries around the world suffer more on top of what our inconsiderate Covid-19 policies have already inflicted upon them.  

A few countries are doing a lot for Ukraine, some countries are also making a welcome partial effort, but most countries are dragging their feet, including the EU which is postponing an oil embargo until end of the year.    Even though the US is doing a lot, they need NOW to enable Ukraine to attack the Russian forces that continue their relentless destruction.   Now is the time to really step up the military support for Ukraine , including a lot more missiles which can be used right away rather than rely on tanks which the Ukrainians need more time to be trained on.   Time is of the essence.  Israel needs to OK Germany sending missiles that incorporate Israeli technology.  Missiles are also needed to sink the Russian Black Sea Fleet to release the Ukrainian food export embargo imposed by Russia that is otherwise likely to cause famine across the world.  

Our problem is that in the face of Ukraine's early successes the world is becoming too complacent.   The New Hitler (Putin) ruthlessly  trudges ahead, sparing nothing in his path and even without regard for his own soldiers.   Russia has taken a lot of prisoners, including those in Mariupol.  It appears his aim now is to surround and eventually capture another 50 000 Ukrainian soldiers.  We can not let this happen.  Although military support has been stepped up it takes too long a time to train Ukrainians to use much of this equipment.   So we must think outside the box* and find ways to intervene NOW.  We should not worry about stepping on the toes of the New Hitler.  He has shown a total disregard for the people in these regions destroying the things they have built up in their lifetime and forcefully moving any civilians (more than a million people, including 200 000 children) who show their disapproval during interrogation, to Siberia against their will.  Something that Stalin also did at the end of world war II.  We can and we should massively step up our efforts and stop dragging our feet.   

Although Putin has not been as successful as he expected, he is never the less gradually taking over Ukraine.  We do not like to publicize it but it is a fact that he sees and it is what keeps him going.  So we desperately need to step up our effort.

Russia is blockading Ukraine's food export endangering the worlds food security to counter this Ukraine needs advanced missiles to down Russia's instruments for the blockade, their war ships in the Black Sea.  So that demining can take place.  This must be done not only for Ukraine and to stop Putin in his tracks but to save the third world from hunger.   Building some grain silos on Ukraine's land borders is a lame cowardly alternative.

Nothing less than a total boycott is required against the new Hitler's Russia

This is clearly in line with perceived public opinion.  Companies and associations are indeed abandoning Russia because they see that this is what the public demands.  It is the politicians that are not going as far as they should.  How can any dealings be justified with the new Hitler regime.   

Poland with Russia breathing down its neck has called for this boycott.

No country is excused from not taking part, for doing too little or for any delays.

One of the few countries that is now taking this seriously is the United States.   Countries that are miserably failing include Germany, France, Hungary, China, India, Israel and Saudi Arabia.  Read on to see what can be done about it. 

'*  (Outside the box ideas can take many different forms.   One such idea is to send foreign navy ships to protect Ukraine's food shipments.  That is a EU idea but as with everything EU when it comes to Ukraine one does not hold ones breath.  Another idea is to send missiles for Ukraine to use now.  Tanks may be more cost effective but there is not enough time to train the soldiers to use the tanks against the current offensive )

The text continues below....

Why does the new Hitler (Putin) think he has the winning hand?

Putin is no statesman.  He is nothing but an amateurish spy, who never grew past that role except to become a Mafiosi full of himself.

So we need to look at things from the perspective of such a simple mind.

This is our hypothesis:

He felt that he was doing really well.  He had divided America.  Got the UK out of the EU and through his Oligarchs had made significant contributions to UKs ruling party.   Could control the right wing parties of Europe and wider and possibly a lot of other politicians, through his tactics of bribes, loans, loan guarantees and compromising information and so on.  Had for example the ex-chancellor of Germany on his payroll.  Plus he had his spies working, even in the inner circles of Governments.  All sorts of people were willing to compromise for money which he would combine with fear to get his own way.   At home he had people thrown out of high rise windows and even in Berlin there was such an incident where the police simply handed the body back to the Russian embassy, without uproar.  Like a true Mafiosi in order to send a message, rather than killing people with a bullet he would try to use chemical weapons for that, even on British soil.  He had gotten the Americans out of Syria and gotten away with war crimes over there.  He had totally spoiled the relations between America and Turkey.   Even Poland and Hungary did not feel too welcome in the EU.  He had gotten Europe hooked on Russian energy.  He had gotten away with taking back Crimea and he remains confident that Trump will become his puppet apparent again.  He seems to have the leaders of Europe's most populous countries in his pocket.  He has gotten away with fake elections and he has all political opposition at home under his control, also when that means keeping them in jail.  He had been informed that many Ukrainians would welcome Russia.  He had made Belarus a puppet state.  He had made agreements with OPEC and last but not least he got approval from China to invade Ukraine.  

He felt like a true ruler not only of Russia but the whole world, sort of.   So this year was the right time to invade.   

And still he feels he is in control.   He has cozied up to the populous countries of China, India, Mexico and Brazil, which are not at all hostile and has stopped France and Germany from any real interference (even the Russians make fun of how lame western support of Ukraine is: Dimitry Medvedev, deputy head of Russia's Security Council is quoted by The Telegraph as saying "some old howitzers are of zero use") .  He has his Oligarchist under control, he apparently kills them and their entire families at any sign of resistance.  The oil boycott will not come into full effect for another 6 months, nor the insurance boycott for ships carrying Russian oil.   Nor is the oil boycott likely to be successful as there is no real pressure on countries like India and China to conform.  Saudi Arabia the worlds largest supplier of Oil imports Russian Oil for its own use so that more of it's own production can be exported.

He has created the land corridor to Crimea which will enable him to continue his Hitler like plans.  You have to be a fool to think it stops there.   Controlling Turkey is the next step for unhindered access to the Mediterranean. (Why else would Crimea be so important?)   Putin is meeting with the Turkeys leader Erdogan in July 2022 in Iran (a terrorist sponsoring country).  Russia is already talking about withdrawing Lithuania's independence which through Belarus, would give it unhindered access to Russia's enclave of Kalinigrad (which like Crimea did not have a land corridor) and greater access to the Baltic Sea and beyond.   Wake up world to the new Hitler. 

We must stop him!   Don't let potentially compromised politicians fool us, demand that your government does all it can do, to help Ukraine recover lost ground. To stop the new Hitler's expansion plans in its tracks. 

Continue to the 2nd side article: "It is not enough that the west thinks Ukraine is winning" 


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Eurovision 2022 winner official video showing the New Hitler (Putin's) destruction in Ukraine and the emotional crisis he is responsible for.

The video was filmen in Bucha, Irpin, Borodyanka, Hostomel, cities near Kyiv that suffered the horrors of Russian occupation.

Dedicated to the brave Ukrainian people, to the mothers protecting their children, to all those who gave their lives for our freedom.

Every man, every woman, every innocent child.

I have written this page and other pages here because I strongly believe that crimes against humanity are not just the responsibility of a few crazy people but also all the people who let them happen by being not willing to make any sacrifices and by not saying or doing anything to try stop them.

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