Russian Traitors!

Putin and the people who carry out his evil policies

are traitors to the Russian Nation

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To Russians:  For the sake of your children stop Secretary Putin!

You have been brainwashed into staying out of Politics: Now is the time to wake up from your hypnosis.

Please forward this letter or URL to every Russian you know.  

The Russian people need to free themselves!  To resist.  (See sidebar or if you are using a mobile phone see the section all the way towards the bottom).

Living a life you need to be ashamed of is not worth living.   Any Russian needs to be able to tell his children and grand children how she or he resisted the evils of Putin!

The Russian parliament should impeach Putin (forget about protocol if the procedure does not exist) rather than suppressing the Russian people with a Martial law and isolation from the world.  Those that do not try to do something should be tried for war crimes.

Reportedly Russia spent almost 5 billion dollars on a disinformation and bribery campaign in Ukraine.  Apparently the campaign organizers misled Putin into believing that campaign was successful which in part lead Putin to invade Ukraine. 

If Russia and  Belorussia would embrace the rest of Europe and stop showing this aggressive, dark and globally subversive behavior these countries and their hard working people would excel.

Putin with all his phones and switchboard should be called Secretary Putin or Hitler.   He is after all the secretary of the Oligarchy and is now making a war with similar justification as Hitler did with a total disregard for human lives.

It does not make sense to take over another country by war.

It destroys your image and a lot of people will hate you.   Not only the people in the country being taken over but also your own people.   Because with war comes misery.  The German people know this.   Even many decades after World War II, the German people are met with suspicion and are not as welcome as they would otherwise be.  

What is the use of being the official ruler of a country if the citizens of your country are despised by the locals if they visit, so much so that many would indeed not visit at all.

It makes more sense to work on closer relations between the countries.  Through cooperation you have much more to gain.

Young people especially value unrestricted mobility.   They want to be able to travel to the country you are considering taking over, without being hated. 

The leaders in question should keep in mind that some powerful people may indeed not like the warmongering or wars and may be able to make them powerless.  This applies, non withstanding whether they are the oligarchy, the communist party or whether it is the power of a popular uprising.

Hitler will always be despised in history.   Leaders should think if they really want to be on the wrong side of history, following in Hitler's steps or in the steps of leaders who allied with him, like Mussolini?

With Putin one has to use a bit of common sense to see what is obvious:

It is not the people of Ukraine that need to be freed (as Putin says) but the people of Russia need to be freed from Putin.

When Ukraine gave up its nuclear weapons it received in return security guarantees from the US, UK and Russia.  It is obvious that Russia has turned its back on this agreement and this is why Ukraine should be receiving even more support from the US and UK

Europe needs the support of the whole world to counter Putin.   


It is not about the Russian people themselves but about Putin and everyone who supports him.   For people in Russia they need to see beyond the propaganda and do what they can, so as not to take part or be as passive as the otherwise good people of Hitler's Germany were.   

Russian military people should find ways to not follow orders, to work with the Ukrainians, to defect, to sabotage their own equipment, to miss their targets or otherwise not take part in this war against their brothers and sisters.  

All Russian Diplomats should resign in protest.

It is not the people of Ukraine that need to be freed (as Putin says) but the people of Russia need to be freed from Putin.  The people of Russia need to find a way to free themselves.  They freed themselves from communism before they can free themselves again!

 Some Russian military platoons are already surrendering.  Great to see people save each other from bloodshed. 

Russian and Belorussian media say this is a war against a Nazi  regime.   But one fact makes this particularly unbelievable the fact that Zelensky is a Jew!

The Russian administration and the Russian media said it was pure Western propaganda to say that Russia would invade.   These statements and news have now been proven to be lies.   It is important to learn something from these and all the lies that constantly come out of Russia and Russian media.  There is nothing to be believed from those sources.  When Russia now says that it is their aim only to demilitarize Ukraine and not to take over the country - This is not to be believed.

Why did I write this letter?

Because I strongly believe that crimes against humanity are not just the responsibility of a few crazy people but also all the people who let them happen by not saying or doing anything to try stop them.

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How Russians can Resist

Brave young people in Moscow protesting against the War (above) and in St Petersburg (below)

Kiev Friday morning


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